Research projects
Research projects

As Australia's national law school, we provide national research leadership on the most important legal, regulatory and governance challenges facing Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and the world. Current research projects include:

Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Pilot ProgramEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law; Conservation and BiodiversityProfessor Andrew Macintosh (Lead); Professor David Lindenmayer; Assoc. Professor Philip Gibbons; Honorary Professor Peter Burnett

Analysing interactions within the criminal deportation system

Criminal law; Legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems); Migration, asylum and refugee lawAssociate Professor Marinella Marmo; Professor Mary Bosworth; Dr Faith Gordon; Professor Alison Gerard; Professor Leanne Weber
The Australian Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries LibraryAdministrative Law, Legal InstitutionsDr Dominique Dalla-Pozza; Associate Professor Philip Chung; Professor Andrew Mowbray; Dr Gabrielle Appleby; Professor Anita Stuhmcke; Professor Thalia Anthony; Professor Robert Cunningham; Professor Mark Lunney; Professor Matthew Groves; Professor Gregory Taylor; Associate Professor Luke Beck; Associate Professor Andrew Edgar; Dr Tanya Josev; Dr Vicky Comino; Dr Murray Wesson.
An integrated defence system to protect Australia from catastrophic bushfiresEnvironmental and Natural Resources Law; Emerging Technologies

Dr Roslyn Prinsley; Dr Philippa Ryan

Australia and New Zealand Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (MRPQ) Qualitative Research Project

Commercial and Contract Law; Law Reform

Anne McNaughton

FA Mann and his contribution to English, German, European, and International LawInternational Law; Legal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal InterpretationAssociate Professor Will Bateman; Dr Jason Allen; Professor Gerhard Dannemann; Professor Christiane Eisenberg-Ditt; Junior Professor Matthias Goldmann; Associate Professor Christian Hofmann; Alexandra Kemmerer; Professor Martti Koskenniemi Professor Rosa María Lastra; Professor Anne Peters; Charles Proctor

Future Directions for Community Sponsorship for Refugees in Australia

International Law; Human Rights and Justice Issues Dr Kate Ogg; Professor Susan Kneebone; Dr Anthea Vogl; Mr Khanh Hoang
Gender, Law and Development: Exploring the links in Research and Practice

Law and Society

Dr Rebecca Monson; Dr Moeen Cheema; Dr Jonathan Liljeblad
Indigenous Strategic Issues in Water PlanningEnvironmental and Natural Resources LawProfessor Andrew Macintosh (Lead)
Indigenous Involvement in Water Planning in Northern AustraliaEnvironmental and Natural Resources LawProfessor Andrew Macintosh (Lead); Marie Waschka; Marcus Barber (CSIRO); Cuan Petheram (CSIRO); Catherine Robinson (CSIRO)
International Advisory Panel on Referendums

Constitutional Law and Theory; Law, Governance and Development; Administrative Law

Associate Professor Ron Levy, (convenor); Professor Asmi WoodProfessor Jeremy FarrallProfessor Matt QvortrupAssociate Professor Moeen Cheema; Dr Leah Trueblood; Dr Silvia Suteu; Bruno Kaufmann; Dr Francesco Veri; Professor Graeme Orr; Dr Udit Bhatia; Professor Ian O'Flynn; Associate Professor Mike Pal; Professor Hoi Kong

Leveraging Power and Influence on the UN Security Council: The Role of Elected MembersInternational Law; Human Rights and Justice IssuesAssociate Professor Jeremy Farrall; Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen; Associate Professor Jochen Prantl; Dr Jeni Whalan

Mapping International Conceptions of the Rule of Law and Democracy: A Study of International Adjudicative Review of Domestic Regulatory Decisions

International LawAssociate Professor Esme Shirlow
Mobilisation and related legal legislative issuesLegal Theory, Jurisprudence and Legal InterpretationDr Dominique Dalla-Pozza
Model Legal Regulation of AI in the Public SectorLaw and TechnologyAssociate Professor Will Bateman
Narratives of Compassion and the Capacity of the Heart to Lead the Head Towards a More Rational and Less Punitive Criminal Justice Law ReformAccess to Justice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Human Rights and Justice IssuesAssociate Professor Anthony Hopkins; Professor Mark Nolan; Dr Stephen Tang; Professor Lorana Bartels
Navigating the Backlash against Global Law and InstitutionsInternational Law; Human Rights and Justice Issues, Law, Governance and Development, Military & Security LawProfessor Jeremy Farrall; Professor Jolyon Ford SFHEA; Associate Professor Imogen Saunders, Professor Peter Danchin, Professor Shruti Rana

New Possibilities: Young People and Democratic Renewal

Climate Law; Children's Rights and Strategic Litigation

Professor Philippa Collin; Professor Judith Bessant; Dr Michelle Catanzaro; Associate Professor Faith Gordon; Dr Stewart Jackson; Professor Robert Watts

Northern Australian Beef Industry Situation Analysis


Environmental and Natural Resources Law; Legislation, Civil and Criminal Codes

Professor Andrew MacintoshAssociate Professor Amelia Simpson; Michael Tarlowski

Open justice in the digital age – Rights of children in the criminal justice systemCourts; Children's Rights; Youth Justice; Digital TechnologiesAssociate Professor Faith Gordon
Promoting Evidence-Based Policy Making for Gender Equity in the PacificGender and the LawAssociate Professor Rebecca Monson

Realising the Sustainable Development Goals: the Role of Responsible Business


Human Rights Law, Access to Justice, Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement, Justice and the Law, International Aid and Development

Professor Jolyon Ford SFHEA

Reconceiving Engagement with International Law in a Populist Era

International Law; Human Rights and Justice Issues, Law, Governance and Development, Military & Security Law

Professor Jeremy Farrall; Professor Jolyon Ford SFHEA; Associate Professor Imogen Saunders,

Responsive Regulation of Religious Slaughter of Live Export and Domestic AnimalsAccess to Justice, Law and Society, Humane Animal Treatment

Associate Professor Alex Bruce; Associate Professor Joshua Neoh

Rights of the youngest children in Australia’s youth justice systems: Learning from countries who have raised the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility

Youth Justice; Children's Rights; International Law

Associate Professor Faith Gordon (Lead); Associate Professor Ingun Fornes (Partner Academic) 

Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative


Legal Practice, Lawyering and the Legal Profession; Emerging Technologies

Scott Chamberlain

Security Vetting in Australia – An Unmapped Terrain


Administrative Law


Dr Dominique Dalla Pozza; Professor Kim Rubenstein

State Practice in the Age of Social Media

International LawDr Imogen Saunders

Sports Integrity Taskforce


Integrity and Corruption in Sport

Associate Professor Kath Hall; Dr Adam Masters

The Ideal Judge

Legal Institutions (incl. Courts and Justice Systems); Legal Practice, Lawyering and the Legal Profession; Law and Society; Legal Processes; Gender and Sexualities


Associate Professor Heather Roberts