Support and wellbeing
Support and Wellbeing

If you need to talk to someone or require assistance, our College Student Education and Support team is here to assist you.

For a list of all support programs and wellbeing initiatives, please refer to the ANU Health, Safety & Wellbeing page.


Our mentor programs are here to assist in your studies at ANU.

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Education Services

Education Services offer students a range of coursework support.

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Health and Wellbeing Services

Options for ANU Law students who may need support services.

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Student Groups, Programs and Presentations

Information on student groups and programs. This page also include presentations tailored for law students.

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External Services

There are a wide range of community services to assist students.

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Financial Supports

ANU offers many financial supports to students in need.

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Assessment Extension and Deferment Options

We recognise that not all students are the same and sometimes life gets in the way of studying. ANU offer a variety of reasonable adjustments to help students succeed with their studies. However, finding what is available to you at any given time and to suit your individual circumstances can be difficult. Should you apply for a coursework extension? Complete an Extenuating Circumstances Application or maybe a Time Adjustment?

If you are unsure which adjustments are available to you, either for your assessment, quiz, test or examination, click the button below and answer this 30 second questionnaire.

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