Student Groups, Programs and Presentations

ANU Community Connect

Available to all ANU students

The Community Connect Food Relief service is a pathway for students to notify the University that would like to be contacted with options and information regarding food relief, food insecurity, and access to relevant support services.

Community Connect also houses one of the five ANU sponsored Dignity Vending Machines located on campus where staff and students can access a free period pack containing six tampons and two pads. You can find machines using this map.


ANU Law Students' Society (LSS)

Available to all ANU Law students

The ANU Law Students’ Society (LSS) is the representative body for all ANU law students, providing a wide range of social, educational and careers-oriented programs and events. With numerous publications, forums and events, the LSS is committed to strongly representing students’ interests and keeping them updated with developments in the legal profession.



ANUSA office
Di Riddell Student Centre, Level 2
Kambri Precinct
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm
(not including public holidays)

Available to all ANU students

The ANU Students’ Association or ‘ANUSA’ is the peak representative body for all ANU students. ANUSA is responsible for advocating and furthering the interests of their members to the University. The three pillars of their organisation are welfare, advocacy and social.

For more information on the services offered by ANUSA, please visit the ANUSA website.

Telephone:+61 2 6125 2444


Group Programs

Available to all ANU students

ANU Counselling offers group programs and workshops to ANU students that aim to assist with your general health and wellbeing. For the complete list of programs and workshops, please visit their website.


International Students Orientation Program

Available to First Year ANU Law students

The International Students Orientation Program (ISOP) consists of a series of excursions, workshops and meetings on campus to various key sites and landmarks in Canberra to introduce international and exchange students to Australian politics and culture which would be useful in the study of Australian law. This program, including excusions, are free. 

Places are limited - registration to the excursions and workshops is mandatory. 

For the full list of activities and to register, please go on our website. 


Introduction to Mindfulness

Available to all ANU students

ANU Counselling has prepared a series of podcasts which include an introduction to mindfulness as well as practices you can use to develop your mindfulness skills.


Law Reform and Social Justice

Available to all law students

The ANU College of Law has an explicit commitment to the themes of law reform and social justice as core components for understanding the law. The Law Reform and Social Justice program facilitates students to be involved with Indigenous and environmental justice, human rights, advocacy and education.


Mental Illness Education ACT

Available to all students

is a local mental health and well-being education provider. The service provides free resources and programs that help educate and provide valuable skills to help manage mental health, with a focus on promoting stories of people living with a mental illness


Talking Tips

Available to all ANU students

ANU Counselling prepared a serie of podcasts on different topics, including How to manage anxiety, How to improve your sleep and Recognising the signs of depression. For the complete list of topics, please visit their website.


Time Management

Available to all ANU students

Time management strategy is essential if you are going to avoid being overwhelmed by responsibilities. Successful time management starts with understanding and managing yourself so that you can adopt the strategies that are most likely to work for you. ANU Academic Skills prepared a short video on the topic, which should help you overcome that common barrier to getting things done: procrastination.


Wellbeing and Resilience in Law

Available to all ANU Law students

For tips and tricks on how to navigate the stresses that studying law can bring to students, we recommend that you watch the pre-recorded 'Wellbeing and Resilience in Law' information session, presented by ANU Law Students' Society.


Examination and assessment advice

Available to all ANU Law students

In this session presented as part of the International Students Orientation Program, Dr Michelle Worthington and Associate Professor Wayne Morgan share tips on how to best prepare for examinations and assessments.