Benjamin Ettinger
Ben Ettinger


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law

Degree type

Higher Degree Research

Research project topic

A View From the High Court 1908 - 1948

PhD Candidate

Research project

Legal Method, Cartels and Public Monopolies: A View From the High Court 1908 - 1948

Ben is a PhD candidate at the ANU College of Law. His thesis examines how the High Court's use of legalist and realist methods in the first half of the twentieth century constituted, on the one hand, different levels of market concentration in the private sector and, on the other, the number of government monopolies.

Before starting his PhD Ben was a criminal lawyer in Canberra (both prosecution and defence) and also worked at the Law Council of Australia doing legal policy work. He has a BA (Philosophy & Classical Languages) from the University of Alberta, a JD from Bond University and an LLM from the Australian National University.

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