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Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales

Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales

Author(s): Michael Eburn, Roderick N Howie, Paul Sattler

Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales states the basic principles and provides the fundamental source material required for a study of New South Wales criminal law and procedure. It examines the substantive law in a procedural and evidentiary context. Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who will be studying criminal law over one semester. The text covers all the learning requirements prescribed in the Legal Profession Admission Rules 2005 (NSW). It gives students the thorough grounding they need in the basic principles of the criminal justice system before moving to the detail of their application in an expanding range of discrete contexts. It also provides practitioners with an introduction to the principal authorities and statutory provisions governing the practice of criminal law in New South Wales. While this book remains unique for its strong focus on the jurisprudence of the New South Wales criminal courts, the principles explored in it will also assist in understanding the criminal law of all Australian jurisdictions.

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Centre: CIPL

Research theme: Criminal Law

Eburn, Emergency Law

Emergency law: rights, liabilities and duties of emergency workers and volunteers

Author(s): Michael Eburn

The latest edition of this book has been updated to incorporate the latest developments in case law and legislation. To cover all of Australia, the work has been expanded to include the law in Australia’s smallest self-governing territory, Norfolk Island. For first aiders and paramedics, the discussion on the legal powers granted to paramedics when treating the mentally ill; the patient’s right to refuse treatment and the use of professional training when responding as a volunteer or good Samaritan has been revised and expanded. The chapter on responding to large scale disasters has been significantly re-written to include a discussion on the Australian Inter-Agency Incident Management System and the relationship between AIIMS and state counter disaster or emergency management legislation. Included is a detailed discussion on when control of emergency response can be transferred from the lead agency to a central coordinating committee or to the police. The chapter on legal liability reports on the outcome of litigation arising from the catastrophic bushfires in 2001 (Sydney) and 2003 (Canberra). 

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Centre: CLAH

Research theme: Administrative Law, Regulatory Law and Policy

Mitigating Wildfire Devastation

Mitigating Wildfire Devastation in Policy and in Practice: Lessons from the Australian Experience

Author(s): Michael Eburn

Disaster law is a nascent field of study in Australia. Research on legal issues that impact upon hazard resilience has been pursued by scholars in individual areas of study; planning law, environmental law, tort law, constitutional law etc. The risk of climate change and developing scholarship in the area of climate change adaptation has seen an increasing realisation that if we are to build resilient communities these areas of law must be considered as a whole.

In Australia, the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has taken the initiative in this regard. The CRC is funding a joint research project on Mainstreaming Fire and Emergency Management across Legal and Policy Sectors: Joint Research and Policy Learning. This research is a collaborative project between the Australian National University (law and policy); the University of Canberra (urban and regional planning) and the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University (sharing responsibility).

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Centre: CMSL

Research theme: Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Health, Law and Bioethics, Law, Governance and Development, Military & Security Law

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