Dr Szabina Horvath
Dr Szabina Horvath


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law

Degree type

Higher Degree Research

Research project topic

Australia's extraterritorial human rights

PhD Candidate

Szabina’s research examines Australia’s extraterritorial human rights obligations. Specifically, the research considered Australia’s human rights obligations when engaged in extraterritorial armed conflict, with reference to other extraterritorial situations which may enliven Australia’s human rights obligations. The research proposes a decision-making matrix that can be used by states, particularly Australia, to prospectively identify when and which human rights obligations arise in extraterritorially.

Szabina Horvath joined the Directorate of Operations and International Law at the Department of Defence in 2009. Szabina has provided advice on detainee management issues, maritime operations, domestic implementation of international legal obligations, gender issues, interrogation doctrine, and a range of other international humanitarian law issues, as well as human rights matters relevant to military operations.

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