Alessandra Hayward
LLB student: Alessandra Hayward


Bachelor of Arts/Laws (Honours)

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LLB student: Alessandra Hayward

Have you undertaken any international opportunities or clinical internships? 
Over the winter break, I undertook a four-week internship with Legal Aid of Cambodia and conducted a situational analysis on forced marriages of minors.

What advice would you give future ANU Law students?
My major tip would be that if you want to achieve something meaningful when doing this kind of work you have to be prepared to be adaptable, and capable of taking the initiative to pursue things yourself. Countries like Cambodia face problems that do not just get fixed with a handful of good ideas. Issues are systemic, and organisations like Legal Aid only function by virtue of the passion and dedication of the people who work there – you have to be prepared to channel that. For anyone thinking they may like to try something like this, generally all it takes is emailing the organisation that you’re interested in. As a region, South East Asia is appealing due to the relatively low cost for flights and living expenses, but there are also some scholarships out there if you’re willing to do a bit of searching.

Read more about Alessandra Hayward's internship with Legal Aid of Cambodia here.

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