Humans of ANU Law: Caitlyn McKenzie
Caitlyn McKenzie

Caitlyn McKenzie is a Juris Doctor student at ANU College of Law

1. What inspired you to study law at ANU?

After finishing my MA in international relations and law in the UK, I wanted to pursue admission in my home jurisdiction

2. What is your favourite spot on campus?

When it’s open, the law lawns. They always get the best sun and the best debates.

3. How do you relax away from university?

Cafe-hopping around Canberra with friends. I’m on the hunt for the best donuts.

4. How would you describe Canberra in three words?

Chilled, clean, challenging

5. What is your dream job?

Working in a multidisciplinary team on a really innovative, impactful project for economic development of a low-income country

6. If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be?

Already a part of history, but still around: Christine LaGarde

7. Who’s your favourite fictional character?

Alanna the Lioness from the Tamora Pierce literary universe

8. What’s a project or hobby you’re currently working on that motivates you?

I’m about to start my graduate research unit and I’m excited to test an original research idea that might change trade law

9. What's been your favourite ANU Law course or study experience and why?

International Commercial Arbitration with Dr Esme Shirlow; challenging, amazing teaching and opened up a new field

10. What’s the secret to studying from home successfully?

Keeping an electronic diary with your calls or Zooms scheduled, and a to-do list! Furry friends help, too.

11. What was the last book you read?

Sapiens: A brief history of human kind by Yuval Noah Harari

12. What’s an underrated movie?

The Man from Earth (2007) - amazing single room mystery.

13. What advice would you give to others feeling uneasy during this time?

Be brave enough to do the lame thing. You won’t look silly, and it will probably help. Ask for that video-coffee (or wine) date.

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