Extensions, late submission and penalties

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There is a University-wide policy on: extensions of assessment due dates and times; the late submission of work without an extension; and associated penalties. These matters are addressed in clauses 22 to 28 of the Policy: Student assessment (coursework). The procedures governing the application of this policy are set out in the Procedure: Student assessment (coursework) clauses 7 to 24.

These guidelines apply to all undergraduate and graduate coursework in the ANU College of Law (ANU College of Law (the LLB(Hons), JD, LLM, MINLD, MFIML, CLAW and CINTL Programs). It outlines the steps to be followed by a student seeking an extension for an assessment task within a course. These guidelines align with the ANU Policy: Student assessment (coursework).

Where an extension is approved,  the revised due date and submission time is provided in writing. To ensure equity for all students, the revised due date is calculated by including weekends and public holidays. For the period covered by the extension, no penalty will be applied.

Submission after the Extension Deadline

Regardless of which day of the week the revised due date falls on, students who submit after that date are penalised by 5% of the possible marks available for the assessment task per calendar day, including weekend and public holidays.

As per clause 26 of the ANU Policy: Student assessment (coursework), where late assessment is accepted, assessment tasks are not accepted after the earlier of the following: the 

  • tenth (10th) working day after the due date; or
  • date specified in the class summary for the return of the assessment item.

Student who have an extension approved are not permitted to submit their assessment item after the periods indicated above. 

Exceptional Circumstances that Warrant Approval of an Assessment Extension

Exceptional circumstances that warrant approval of an Assessment Extension include, but are not limited to:

  • medical reasons (student injury, illness or medical condition) of such significance that completion of the assessment task is not possible by the published due date;
  • family/personal reasons (family injury or illness, bereavement) of such significance that completion of the assessment task is not possible by the published due date;
  • employment related reasons: where a student's employment status or employment arrangements change unexpectedly due to circumstances beyond their control of such significance that completion of the assessment task is not possible by the published due date;
  • cultural or religious commitments; where a cultural or religious event conflicts with the published due date of the assessment task.

Key points to note in relation to the ANU policy and procedure on extensions are:

  • Applications for an extension must be made in writing by completing the ANU College of Law Assessment Extension form on or before the assessment due date and time as published in the class summary (Procedure, clauses 10 and 11) and must be accompanied by documentation substantiating the case for an extension (Procedure, clause 12).
  • Under clause 14 of the Procedure, an extension will only be granted if there are exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control which render the student unable to complete the assessment task by the due date.
  • All requests for extension will be considered within three working days (Procedure clause 19). Working day means a day that starts at 12:00.00am (midnight) and finishes at 11:59.59pm (23:59.59) on the same day and is not a Saturday, a Sunday, a public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory or a University holiday as declared by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • A new due date must not extend beyond the date for the return of the assessment item specified in the Class Summary (Procedure, clause 16). In order to provide Conveners with the time to assess, moderate and grade assessment items, The ANU College of Law provides extensions up to one week prior to the return of assessment date. This time is required for Course Convenors to assess, moderate and grade final assessment items and finalise course results in order to meet the university timelines. Please note that under policy you can submit the task up to 9am on the published return of assessment date, however, late penalties will apply.
  • Ensuring that our students are well supported and all appropriate welfare provisions are in place is our number one priority. The ANU College of Law will not approve any more than four extensions for the same assessment task without the student making an appointment to speak with an academic advisor. Once this appointment has been conducted, we will then consider further extensions if appropriate.

If special consideration is required for the marking of an assessment item, an extension form should not be submitted. Applications for Special Consideration are submitted here.

Students who are suffering long-term illness or difficulties should contact Access & Inclusion to investigate implementing an Education Access Plan (EAP).

To ensure equity and transparency in the granting of extensions across the College, the Dean of the ANU College of Law has made a determination that extensions will be governed by the College Student and Education Support team in liaison with the Associate Dean (Education).

How to apply

Applications for an extension must be submitted using the ANU College of Law Assessment Extension form https://law.anu.edu.au/assessment-extension-request. One form may be used for multiple courses, and assessments.

Applications should be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation, including any EAP arrangements.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation from any relevant independent person (or authority) must be scanned and included with the application, for example:

  • documents/certificates from health professionals (a medical certificate is only valid if it attests to your illness at the time claimed)
  • a police report
  • a death notice from a Newspaper
  • an email from an employer attesting to additional and unplanned workload
  • an email from a cultural or religious leader attesting to an event that conflicts with an assessment due date.
  • Education Access Plan (EAP) from Access & Inclusion 
  • a letter of support from your residential college
  • a letter of suport from the ANU Student Safety and Wellbeing Team

Requests for extensions will not be considered if the application does not include copies of all relevant supporting documentation.

Certified copies of documents provided during the initial application process are not required. However, the University reserves the right to require applicants to provide original documentation subsequently. Any document submitted may be audited and is subject to verification from the issuing body.

Documentation must be in English. Where the original documentation is not in English, an official translation must be provided. Students should attach copies of the original documentation and the English translation of these documents.

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