Oxford University
Complete your ANU JD at Oxford

As an ANU Juris Doctor (JD) student, you have the opportunity to undertake a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) from the University of Oxford and gain 24 units of credit towards your JD from the completed BCL.

The structure of the program allows you to complete the equivalent of 2.5 years of study at ANU and to then undertake one year of study at Oxford, graduating after 3.5 years with both the ANU JD and the BCL from Oxford.

Many legal practitioners and academics regard the BCL as the best masters-level qualification in the common law world. It is a coursework masters designed for high-achieving students, taught by outstanding scholars through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials.

How to apply

1. Oxford Application

Applications are submitted directly to Oxford during the second semester of your second year of your ANU JD, with applications usually closing in January for a September commencement at Oxford. Applications will be assessed based on 96 units of study. You will then complete a further semester of study at ANU, ensuring that all compulsory courses are completed prior to departure.

Applicants should be aware that you will be responsible for all travel, Oxford tuition fees, college fees and living expenses associated with studying and living in Oxford. You will not be enrolled at ANU during your time at Oxford.

Your application must:

  • meet the Oxford admission guidelines (usually first class honors or distinction average minimum)
  • demonstrate that you will only have 24 units (4 elective courses) remaining by the time you begin your studies in Oxford

2. ANU Application

After you have submitted your application for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) at the University of Oxford, you will need to also apply the ANU for Independent Study Abroad. This will allow the ANU College of Law to asses your degree, check you have the appropriate room remaining and record any necessary details.

We will notify you with approval, or if possible concerns are raised.

3. Return to ANU

Upon successful completion of the BCL (one year of study from September to July), you must provide ANU with an official transcript from Oxford and apply to have the courses completed in the BCL credited back to your JD Degree. It is after this final assessment credit for the remaining 24 units of the JD will be applied.

You will also need to apply to graduate to complete your degree with ANU.

Funding and scholarships

A number of scholarships are available through the University of Oxford. Further information regarding the eligibility requirements and application process may be found on their website.

Recommended study plan

 Semester 1Semester 2
Year 1LAWS6101 Foundations of Australian Law LAWS6103 Torts
LAWS6104 Contracts
LAWS6102 Lawyers, Justice and Ethics
LAWS6105 Australian Public Law
LAWS6250 International Law
LAWS6249 Legal Theory
Year 2LAWS6106 Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS6201 Administrative Law
LAWS6204 Property
Law Capstone
LAWS6202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law
LAWS6205 Equity and Trusts
LAWS6207 Evidence
1 Law electives
*1 Law elective to be taken in a non-standard session in year 2
Bachelor of Civil Law is admission based on assessment of the above JD study (96 Units)
Year 3LAWS6203 Corporations Law
LAWS6244 Litigation and Dispute Management
2 Law electives

1st semester of Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) @Oxford
commencing October

Year 42nd (final) semester of Bachelor of Civil Law @Oxford
complete July
Graduate with the BCL

24 units of credit applied to ANU Juris Doctor
Graduate with the ANU JD (once credit is applied)


Students intending to apply for the Oxford BCL program should consult ANU College of Law:
T +61 2 6125 3483 E: enquiries.law@anu.edu.au