Darryn Jensen
Honorary Senior Lecturer
B Com, LLB (Hons), LLM, PhD

Darryn Jensen is a graduate of the University of Queensland and was an academic staff member there from 1996 to 2014. He joined ANU in 2016. He has also taught at Bond University and the University of the South Pacific Emalus Campus (Vanuatu). Dr Jensen's doctoral studies concerned the various equitable doctrines which Australian courts have used to resolve disputes arising out of informal property sharing arrangements. He has written extensively on constructive trusts and other equitable remedies and has sought to study the development of legal doctrine in these areas against the background of theoretical debates about the nature of the common law, equity and judicial decision-making. He has also written on the law affecting charitable and religious institutions. He has a developing interest in the relationship between statute law and common law in private law contexts.


  • Associate Lecturer, The University of Queensland, 1996-1998
  • Lecturer, The University of Queensland, 1998-2008
  • Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland, 2009-2014
  • Semester Assistant Professor, Bond University, 2014
  • Senior Lecturer, The University of the South Pacific, 2015
  • Senior Lecturer, The Australian National University, 2016-

Significant research publications

  • 'The "Policy" That Invalidates Testamentary Conditions' (2019) 39 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 553
  • 'The boundary between not-for-profits and government' in Matthew Harding (ed), Research Handbook on Not-for-Profit Law (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2018)
  • (with Ross Grantham) 'The Proper Role of Policy in Private Law Adjudication' (2018) 68 University of Toronto Law Journal 187-230
  • (with Ross Grantham) 'Coherence in the Age of Statutes' (2016) 42 Monash University Law Review 360-382
  • 'Proprietary Remedies: Distributive or Commutative?' (2014) 38 The University of Western Australia Law Review 1-29
  • 'Theories, Principles, Policies and Common Law Adjudication' (2011) 36 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 34-57

Currently supervising

  • Kate Roff

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    Topic: A question of coherence? Property in discretionary trusts for the purposes of bankruptcy and family law in Australia.

PhD supervision

I am willing to supervise in the areas:

  • The law of trusts
  • Civil remedies
  • Theoretical foundations of private law
  • Adjudication theory - what do we mean when we say that judges "make" law?
  • Legal issues affecting charitable and religious institutions

I have previously supervised:

  • Public interest litigation in the People's Republic of China
  • Freedom of religion of religious minorities in Bangladesh

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Class #4141

2023 LAWS8436

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Darryn Jensen

Research themes

Legal Theory
Private Law


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