Aditi Razdan
Aditi Razdan


Bachelor of Asian Studies/Law (Honours)

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LLB student: Aditi Razdan

Aditi Razdan shared her legal knowledge on a women’s health issue with an international audience through an op-ed on The Sydney Morning Herald in May 2019.

What is something you wish you knew as a first-year student? 

I’ve done a lot of amazing courses at the ANU Colleges of Asia and the Pacific and Law, both here and overseas, intensives and regular courses. But I haven’t done anything quite like Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights – possibly because I don’t have anything with a science-focus in my degree, so it’s really refreshing in that way. I really recommend fitting it in the later years of your degree. It’s highly worth studying primarily because it is taught by a doctor-lawyer (Professor Faunce) and there is so much practical experience to gain if you do the mock trial.

What advice would you give future ANU Law students?

If you are a student hoping to get published, my advice is to just keep trying. You will always get better at it. Writing op-eds, particularly, is a skill, just like essay-writing is a skill at university.

Read about Aditi Razdan's inspiration behind her op-ed in The Sydney Morning Herald here.

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