Master of International Law and Diplomacy

Student highlight


Henry is passionate about cultures, languages and multiculturalism. He speaks German. He likes politics. He did his undergrad in Bachelor of European Studies in Holland.

I was surrounded by people from everywhere with different opinions, attitudes and languages. I felt inspired and developed a deep interest in Diplomacy

Henry's story at ANU is extraordinary. He decided to study his Master of Diplomacy (MDIPL) and move to Canberra from Tasmania. “I quickly concluded that ANU is the only place in Australia to study international affairs, diplomacy and politics. The proximity to government and diplomacy is extremely beneficial”.

He values that the academics have endeavoured to adapt their knowledge to the practice setting. “The [Master of Diplomacy] program introduces you to many people that are currently in government and diplomacy space. I have also had the opportunity to meet ambassadors from Australia and worldwide. Even royalty (giggles)”.

In 2019 the new Master of International Law and Diplomacy (MINDL) opened for enrolment. All existing Master of Diplomacy students were offered to transfer into the new program. Henry accepted that offer and he now will graduate at the end of this year with the new degree.

I see a lot of value on the fact that I will include law in my degree. It is an expansion of my understanding of international affairs and law principles. It's a very good synergy

He speaks with great excitement about his favourite course: The Indigenous Diplomacy course lead by Greg Fry. “Greg is a genius. The course is the first of its kind in Australia. We had the opportunity to share ideas about Indigenous diplomatic practices with nine Elders from different lands. It was the most enlightening week. My view of Australia changed. I was stunned researching about the history and how I am part of it. It was an epiphany”

One of his best experiences at ANU is being a student representative for the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD). “I am surprised by the number of students and people at ANU who approach me with an interested on my journey and my program”. I am proud to support and be able to provide guidance.

He has enjoyed assisting his cohort in delivering important information and resolving any doubt or issue they encounter. “ANU is a great environment to propose ideas and projects because you are supported by academics and staff in general. It has been awesome to make many things happen. I feel highly valued and empowered”.