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Welcome to the ANU College of Law and thank you for choosing to study with us. Please read the relevant information below on selecting law courses to ensure your enrolment at the ANU College of Law is correct.

Selecting and enrolling in courses

To enrol in a LAWS course code at ANU you must be studying Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) or a Juris Doctor degree at your home institution.

Please note: In approving your courses we assume you are not repeating a course already taken at your home institution. It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you have selected to study comply with your home institution’s rules.

The following courses are LLB/JD elective law courses and they may not be offered every year. Follow the links to see when the course is being offered next.

Law course Information

For a full list of 2019 courses on offer please go to ANU Programs and Courses and use the following search filters:

  • Commencement year: 2019
  • Career: Undergraduate
  • Session: Select relevant session or leave unselected for all
  • College: ANU College of Law
  • Mode of Delivery: In person

Law courses without specific prerequisites

The following courses do not have specific prerequisites and may be taken by Exchange students. These courses are offered every year but not every semester. Click the course code links in the table below to see when the course is being offered next.

LAWS1201 Foundations of Australian Law
LAWS1202 Lawyers, Justice and Ethics
LAWS1203 Torts
LAWS1204 Contracts
LAWS1205 Australian Public Law
LAWS1206 Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS2201 Administrative Law
LAWS2202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law
LAWS2203 Corporations Law
LAWS2204 Property
LAWS2205 Equity and Trusts
LAWS2207 Evidence
LAWS2244 Litigation and Dispute Management
LAWS2249 Legal Theory
LAWS2250 International Law
LAWS4212 Conflict of Laws
LAWS4217 Family Law
LAWS4219 Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights
LAWS4220 Human Rights Law in Australia
LAWS4221 Income Tax
LAWS4222 Intellectual Property
LAWS4229 Law and Society in South East Asia
LAWS4236 Succession
LAWS4245 Information Technology Law
LAWS4260 Law and Psychology
LAWS4274 Climate Law
LAWS4276 Chinese Law and Society
LAWS4280  Law and the Humanities
LAWS4288 Critical Legal Theory


Law courses with specific prerequisites

The following courses have specific course prerequisites which must be adhered to. You will not get approval to undertake these courses unless you satisfy the prerequisites.



LAWS4210 Commercial Law

LAWS1204 Contracts

LAWS4213 Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law

LAWS2202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law

LAWS4223 International Dispute Resolution

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4224 International Law of the Sea

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4225 International Law of Human Rights

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4226 International Trade Law

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4228 Labour Law

LAWS1204 Contracts

LAWS4238 Indigenous Australians and the Law

LAWS2202Commonwealth Constitutional Law LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4254 Restitution

LAWS2204 Property

LAWS4255 Competition Law

LAWS1204 Contracts

LAWS4259 Consumer Protection and Product Liability Law

LAWS1204 Contracts

LAWS4262 Advanced Administrative Law

LAWS2201 Administrative Law


LAWS4264 Advanced International Law

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4271 Refugee Law

LAWS2201 Administrative Law &
LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4285 Australian National Security Law

An advanced understanding of Australia’s legal and political context is assumed - you must have previously studied: LAWS1206 Criminal Law and Procedure LAWS1205 Australian Public Law and/or LAWS2202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law (or equivalent)


Courses that cannot be taken by exchange students

Exchange students cannot enrol in the following courses

Law Internship


Indigenous Community Law Clinic

Clinical course

Environmental Law Clinic

Clinical course

Public Interest Law

Clinical course

Youth Law Clinic

Clinical course

Community Law Clinic

Clinical course

Prison Legal Literacy Clinic

Clinical course

International Law Clinic

Clinical course

Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic

Clinical course

Myanmar Law Clinic

Clinical course

Legal Education for True Justice: Indigenous Perspectives and Deep Listening on Country

Clinical course

LAWS4237 Financial Markets and Takeovers


LAWS4251 Legislative Drafting and Technology


LAWS4258 Geneva organisation International

Application international course

LAWS4247 Survey in US

Application international course

LAWS4248 Selected Topics in Australian-United States Comparative Law

Application international course

LAWS4010 Jessup Moot

Application international course


Further information

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