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Inbound Exchange & Study Abroad

Welcome to the ANU College of Law and thank you for choosing to study with us. Please read the relevant information below on selecting law courses to ensure your enrolment at the ANU College of Law is correct.


Step 1: Selecting and enrolling in courses

Please note: In approving your courses we assume you are not repeating a course already taken at your home institution. It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you have selected to study comply with your home institution’s rules.

Courses must be selected at the time of application. You will receive a permission code for each courses you applied for via email. Once here on campus, if you require to change your course selection, please email us at to request new permission codes. 


Courses on offer

You must undertake Foundations of Australian Law, unless this course is not approved by your home institution. Students undertaking a common law degree in one of the following countries, and that normally leads to admission to practice, may be exempt from this requirement: New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Canada

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws (undergraduate degree) must undertake courses that are coded LAWS 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000. Internship and clinic courses cannot be taken.

Students enrolled in a Juris Doctor (postgraduate degree) must undertake courses that are coded LAWS 4000, 6000 or 8000. LAWS8000 level courses are taught in intensive mode and in sessions (not semesters). Online, internship and clinic courses cannot be taken.


For 2024, you can choose any course from the list below:

Semester one, 2024Semester Two, 2024

LAWS1201 Foundations of Australian Law

LAWS1203 Torts

LAWS1205 Australian Public Law

LAWS4212 Conflict of Laws

LAWS4245 Information Technology Law

LAWS4260 Law and Psychology

LAWS6101 Foundations of Australian Law

LAWS6103 Torts

LAWS6104 Contracts

LAWS6105 Australian Public Law

LAWS1201 Foundations of Australian Law

LAWS1202 Lawyers, Justice and Ethics

LAWS1204 Contracts

LAWS2202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law

LAWS2248 Legal Research and Writing

LAWS2249 Legal Theory

LAWS2250 International Law

LAWS4202 Media Law

LAWS4210 Commercial Law

LAWS4215 Environmental Law

LAWS4217 Family Law

LAWS4228 Labour Law

LAWS4251 AI and Law

LAWS4274 Climate Law

LAWS4276 Chinese Law and Society

LAWS4280 Law and the Humanities

LAWS4321 Law and Social Movements

LAWS6101 Foundations of Australian Law

LAWS6102 Lawyers, Justice and Ethics

LAWS6104 Contracts

LAWS6105 Australian Public Law

LAWS6202 Commonwealth Constitutional Law

LAWS6249 Legal Theory

LAWS6250 International Law

If you have any questions at all about selecting law courses, please contact us by email at

Students enrolled In a Master of Laws and coming to ANU as a Study Abroad student must enrol In LAWS8000 level courses. For a full list of courses on offer in the current year, please go to our course search website.


Courses Pre-Requisites

Some of the above courses require you to complete certain courses prior to enrolling In them; these are called pre-requisites. You can still enrol in courses that have pre-requisites. However, please note that courses will be delivered in a way that it is assumed that you have the basic knowledge of the course/s listed as pre-requisites. If you haven't completed similar pre-requisite courses at your home institution, please note that it might not be possible to complete the course without doing extra reading in order to fill in the gaps in knowledge. The course convenor will assist you with recommendations should extra reading be required.

To find out if a course has a pre-requisite, click on the course code in the table above. Click on the Study tab and scroll down to the Requisite and Incompatibility section.


Step 2: Enrol in your courses on ISIS

Enrol on ISISHow to enrol on ISIS

How to find courses on offer in 2024

Go to the Law Course Search Website. At the top of the page, select:

  • 2024 under 'Year'
  • Master of Laws under 'Program'

Read the course description by clicking on the course code.


Step 3: My Timetable

MyTimetable is the ANU official timetabling system enabling you to view the timetable for your enrobed courses, browse, then self-allocate to small teaching activities / tutorials.

Timetable Planner - Opens 11 December 2023 

Click here for Timetable Planner

Note: This is not for allocation, but for planning only. It provides an opportunity to plan your timetable prior to the opening of MyTimetable.


Student Allocation - Opens 5 February 2024 at 11am

Click here for MyTimetable for Students

To find out how to use MyTimetable, please refer to the User Guide



Web Access To Teaching and Learning Environments also known as WATTLE is the universities Learning Management System. You will gain access to Wattle course and program sites 24-72 hours after enrolment. The course sites contain information on course content, readings and assessment, convenor liaison and student forums etc. You will submit assignments via Wattle. 



Census Dates

Each course has a census date. If you are enrolled in a course once the course census date passes, you will remain liable for the full tuition and associated fees for that course.

The following standard census dates apply at ANU:

  • First Semester Census Date is 31 March
  • Second Semester Census Date is 31 August

Each course in a non-standard session has its own individual census date. Please look up course code on ANU Program and Courses to find the census date for that course. More information on census dates can be found here.



Step 4: ANU College of Law Orientation Week Events

ANU College of Law: Welcome to Law at ANU

In this session, you will meet first-year law convenors who will outline the expectations for their course. The College Student and Education Support team will go through the different administration processes, from assessment extensions to how to navigate our websites.


International and Incoming Exchange Law Students

We encourage international and incoming exchange students to attend the Welcome to Law at ANU event. This face-to-face information session will also cover everything an international student should know, from rights and responsibilities to services available to you.

Documentation to compliment your induction session.


Checklists and Useful Links


We have put together a helpful checklist detailing all the things you need to do between now and starting Semester. Check off the list and get prepared.

Download the ANUOK App

The ANUOK app is the official safety and wellbeing app for the ANU community. ANUOK is downloadable via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Lockers Available!

The ANU College of Law has lockers available for law students to hire during the academic year.

The lockers are located in Building 5, in the corridor next to the Law library. Lockers can only be accessed during the Law library opening hours.


  • Lockers are available from O-week until the end of the examination period.
  • There is no fee to hire a locker.
  • Students must bring their own padlock (suitcase size) and provide photo ID.
  • Lockers will be distributed on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. There is no waiting list.
  • All lockers must be vacated at the end of examination period, in Semester One.

To take possession of a locker, students will need to present themselves at the College Student and Education Support team, during front counter opening hours.


Have you already completed tertiary studies?

If you have already undertaken tertiary studies and would like to transfer credit to your ANU degree, please fill out the online form.

Application for Status (Credit) instructions and formANU COL Credit Guidelines


Meeting with a Law Student Advisor

If you require assistance with choosing your LAWS courses or have questions in relation to your Law degree, feel free to book an appointment with a Law student advisor. Appointments are available face-to-face, on Zoom or over the phone.

Click here to book your appointment


Alternatively, feel free to give us a call on +61 2 6125 3483 or email us at