Concurrent enrolment

In accordance with the Coursework Awards Rule, a student enrolled in a coursework program cannot undertake, or continue to undertake, any other studies at the ANU or another educational institution while they are enrolled in the program without written approval from the Delegated Authority to do so.

Concurrent enrolments are not encouraged. Any approval of concurrent enrolment is given on the basis that students undertake concurrent enrolment at their own risk and that it will not be grounds to seek special consideration or special examinations.

Approval for concurrent enrolment with any other program will not be granted for students in their first year of Law studies in the LLB and JD programs.

Students who wish to be concurrently enrolled in two programs must complete the online Application for Concurrent Enrolment. The relevant delegate will consider the applicants academic record and reasons for wanting to enrol concurrently. The timing of the courses to be undertaken in the proposed program and the workload involved will also be considered.

If approval is given, it will be for specified courses on specified dates only. Any further proposed concurrent study will need to be assessed and approved individually.

Concurrently enrolled students will have only their ANU enrolment used to calculate full-time or part-time status unless their enrolment is part of a joint or dual Award that is covered by a formal agreement.

Students seeking to be enrolled concurrently should read the ANU policy: Coursework Awards Rule and apply using the Application for Concurrent Enrolment.

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