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In response to COVID-19, ANU has changed the mode of delivery for all classes in 2020 to Online.


4 days to 7 weeks

How to apply

Select your preferred professional development course from the Course Calendar below, then complete the online application form. Applications must be received at least 15 working days prior to the course start date.

We offer a range of short-term professional development courses to allow you to study a single subject without having to apply for a full postgraduate degree.

Short-term professional development courses can enable you to update or refresh your knowledge, expand your skillset, focus on a specialised area of law relating to your current role or gain new knowledge and skills to prepare you for a new role.

Courses are taught by world-class academics and guest lecturers with real-world professional experience and delivered in an intensive format of between 4 days to 7 weeks to suit working professionals.

Tailored professional development courses can be developed and delivered in-house at your workplace upon request.


Course calendar 2020

Course title Code Delivery Course dates  
Judicial Review of Government Action LAWS8141 Intensive 6-7 Feb, 13-14 Mar 2020 Apply
The Law of Weaponry and Targeting LAWS8401 Intensive 17-20 Feb 2020 Apply
Introduction to Law, Governance and Development LAWS8001 Intensive 20-21, 24-25 Feb 2020 Apply
Government Contracts LAWS8220 Intensive 23-26 Mar 2020 Apply
Principles of International Law LAWS8182 Intensive 14-17 Apr 2020 Apply
Advanced Principles of International Law LAWS8183 Intensive 20-24 Apr 2020 Apply
International Investment Treaty Law and Arbitration LAWS8336 Intensive 20 Apr-8 May 2020 Apply
Artificial Intelligence, Law & Society LAWS8405 Intensive 24-28 Apr 2020 Apply
Australian Legal Responses to National Security and Counter Terrorism LAWS8328 Online 26-27 Jun, 3-4 Jul 2020 Apply
Modern Equity: Concepts and Principles LAWS8335 Online 29 Jun – 24 Jul (Own Pace Readings) &
27 Jul – 7 Aug intensive course
Law and Legal Institutions LAWS8586 Online 3-18 Jul 2020 Apply
Nuclear Security Law LAWS8316 Online 6-24 July 2020 Apply
Special Topics in International Law: Space Law LAWS8328 Online 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17 20 Jul 2020 Apply
Law of the Sea LAWS8253 Online 3-21 Aug 2020 Apply
#MeToo and the Law LAWS8403 Online 3 Aug-25 Sep 2020 Apply
Global Health LAWS8582 Online 10 Aug-2 Oct 2020 Apply
Health Law and Bioethics LAWS8237 Online 17 Aug-9 Oct 2020 Apply
Advanced Contracts LAWS8218 Online 17 Aug-4 Sep 2020 Apply
Sustainable Energy Law LAWS8037 Online 31 Aug-8 Sep 2020 Apply
Gender, Law and Development LAWS8329 Online 31 Aug -18 Sep 2020 Apply
Contemporary Issues in Administrative Law LAWS8271 Online 3-4, 8-9 Sep 2020 Apply
International Human Rights Law LAWS8234 Online 7-18 Sep 2020 Apply
Transnational Anti-Corruption Laws LAWS8009 Online 7-25 Sep 2020 Apply
Tort Liability and Public Authorities LAWS8142 Online 14 Sep-2 Oct 2020 Apply
Media Law LAWS8402 Online 7-25 Sep 2020 Apply
Executive Power LAWS8241 Online 18-20 Sep, 25-27 Sep, 2-4 Oct 2020 Apply
International Refugee Law LAWS8252 Online 28 Sep-16 Oct 2020 Apply
Freedom of Information and Privacy LAWS8243 Online 5-23 Oct 2020 Apply
International Law and Australian Government LAWS8297 Online 5-23 Oct 2020 Apply
Legislation and Legislative Drafting LAWS8104 Online 9-31 Oct 2020 Apply
Land, Water and Biodiversity LAWS8280 Online 12-30 Oct 2020 Apply
Cyber Warfare Law LAWS8035 Online 26 Oct-13 Nov 2020 Apply
Commercial Law LAWS8140 Online 16 Nov-4 Dec 2020 Apply
Special Topics in Law, Governance and Development LAWS8028 Online 16 Nov-4 Dec 2020 Apply
Int Law of the Environment LAWS8264 Online 23 Nov-11 Dec 2020 Apply
Post-conflict situations and International law LAWS8314 Online 23-26 Nov 2020 Apply


As a professional development course participant, you will be expected to prepare for, attend and participate in classes however you will not be required to complete any assessment items and you will not receive a formal grade for the course. 


Certification and credit

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance from ANU for your participation in the course, but it is not possible to use the attendance as credit towards a degree program at ANU or any other university.

If you wish to gain status (credit) for the course you must apply as a non-award student or apply for a full degree program.


How to apply

To apply, select your preferred professional development course from the Course Calendar above, then complete the online application form.

Applications must be received at least 15 working days prior to the course start date.



$2,999 (including GST) per student, per course. This fee does not include any prescribed text books (if required).

Payment can be made online or by invoice. Refer to the online application form for further details. 

Full payment is required prior to the commencement of the course and fees are payable direct to the ANU College of Law by credit card, cheque, money order or invoice.

Discounted rates for ANU alumni

ANU alumni receive a 10% discount on professional development short courses ($2,699 (including GST) per student, per course). 

You’ll find instructions on redeeming this discount in the online application form.


In-house professional development courses

ANU Law can deliver tailored in-house short courses to meet the learning and development requirements of your team or workplace.

We have developed and delivered a range of professional development courses for both public and private sector clients, including several national law firms and federal government departments.

ANU is currently on the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) Leadership, Learning and Development Panel to provide training for the Australian Public Service.

If you would like to talk to us about developing a tailored learning solution for your team or workplace, please email Marketing and Communications, ANU College of Law or call +61 2 6125 0900.


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