Zoran Iliev

Zoren Iliev
Zoran Iliev balances work as a lecturer and forensic scientist with his Juris Doctor studies at ANU.

Zoran Iliev is a forensic scientist and sessional lecturer at La Trobe University who began his Juris Doctor studies at ANU in 2019. 

Why did you choose ANU, and why did you choose to study law?
There were a number of reasons. Obviously, I love the law. I have a background as a forensic scientist and through my work have been closely associated with the court system. There was naturally a lot of overlap (professionally), so I thought this program could help make me a better forensic examiner.

How would you describe your experience at the ANU College of Law?
I have really enjoyed my courses so far. I work and study full-time, but the balance has been great. I’m looking forward to exploring areas that are relevant to my work including criminal law and evidence law. As a lecturer, you measure everything and are constantly learning.

The academics here at ANU are very supportive and there is an obvious love for the law that comes across in their teaching. It means a lot, especially as a first-year student in the first semester, when you learn from academics who are passionate about what they teach and not just reading from slides.

What are your next steps, planned or aspired, after graduation?
I’d like to become a public prosecutor and maximise others’ understanding of digital evidence in our legal system. That’s one of the main reasons I chose to study my JD – seeing the huge gaps in understanding digital evidence and the application of that evidence, particularly by law enforcement. I hope to use my degree to gain a better understanding within the legal profession about the vast potential of digital evidence.

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Zoran Iliev

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