Yasmin Poole

Yasmin Poole
2020 ANU Student Volunteer of the Year recipient: Yasmin Poole

Yasmin Poole was recently awarded the 2020 ANU Student Volunteer of the Year (Undergraduate) for her valuable contribution to society as a prominent advocate for youth issues. 

Why did you choose to study law?

A big reason was seeing how law is fundamental to social change. With a long-held interest in politics, I saw how legislation affects so many facets of our lives – whether we realise it or not. Law has the power to impose burdens or create opportunity, reflect the past or look to the future.

Studying law gave me the toolkit to not only understand what the law is, but also have a deeper understanding of the role it plays in wider society.

Why did you choose ANU?

I chose to study law at ANU because it offered the most opportunities. It was right in Canberra, right next to Parliament and has an amazing law program that can be combined with international relations. 

To get here and have the privilege to not only be taught by amazing academics but work and study alongside so many awesome young people with really similar passions to mine has been so fulfilling and has really broaden how I see the world and challenge how I think. 

What advice would you give future ANU Law students?

Something that always motivates me is using my background and experiences as a means to give voice to others. I often think back to high school, where for most of it I felt powerless about issues like climate change, job uncertainty and political issues. I felt that I couldn’t speak out about them until I graduated and got a career.

When I realised I didn’t have to wait for this, it was transformative. That feeling of agency is something that I want all young Australians to experience. That in of itself is a driver to why I want to keep creating a wider platform for youth, showing what we can offer and why we should have a seat at the table.

Watch Yasmin Poole talk about her motivation behind becoming a voice for change and why she believes youth and diversity can enrich Australia's leadership landscape here.

Yasmin Poole

Bachelor of International Relations/Laws (Honours)
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