Sue Ven Lee: A reformed ‘technoklutz’ and budding young lawyer

Sue Lee

When Sue Ven Lee reflects upon her most memorable experience at The Australian National University (ANU), she can’t go past the time a rather unexpected visitor disrupted her Foundations of Australian Law class.

After being inadvertently locked out of the Law Library, Sue and her classmates were studying peacefully outside under a tree. 

“Mid-class, we were interrupted by a possum shooting past where we were seated on the floor, and scampering up and down the tree,” she said.

“It was certainly a welcome interruption to Foundations of Australian Law!”

Sue is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Bachelor of International Relations at ANU.

“I chose to study at ANU because it has one of the best law schools and international relations programs in the country,” she said.

“It is also located in Australia’s capital city, which I felt was quite relevant given what I am studying.”

Now in her third year of study, Sue is a student ambassador at the ANU College of Law where she will be involved in the promotion of our degree programs and share her experiences with prospective students.

A particularly formative learning experience for Sue was studying remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Because of the pandemic, I’ve become more proficient at using technology,” she said.

“Those Zoom classes have to be useful for something other than attending class, right?

“Gone is the girl who was a self-proclaimed ‘technoklutz’. Since everything had to be completed online, I’ve become quite good at using various apps, creating videos and collages, editing photos, and generally just living life through my laptop.”

Time management is another important skill Sue has learned during the course of her degree.

“I often have several things going on — my studies, extracurricular activities, work, law school-related commitments, and student leadership activities — therefore, my schedule is usually packed,” she said.

“Initially, I found it challenging to juggle so many commitments in what felt like so little time, but I adapted quickly and learned to manage my time and my numerous commitments.

“Multitasking certainly helps: bouncing between different tasks when I hit a wall, instead of getting sucked into the problem, and completing several tasks simultaneously when possible, has definitely helped in reducing wasted time.”

In what little spare time she has, Sue likes to plays the piano — a passion she has pursued throughout her life.

She also has a soft spot for hermit crabs, Koi carps and internationally renowned barrister, Amal Clooney.

“Intelligent, fashionable and a champion of human rights?! Forget about Harvey Specter— he’s not even real,” she joked.

Sue has also found her lecturers and tutors at the ANU College of Law to be inspiring.

“There are so many good teachers at ANU, but my favorite would be (Contract Law tutor) Fabian Hoffmann,” Sue said. “He’s incredibly passionate in teaching and was so helpful to me, going above and beyond to ensure that I did my best in his class.”

“Fabian helped me believe in my own abilities and believe that it’s actually possible to do well in law school (even when you’re still confused upon your fifth reading of Zanker v Vartzokas).”

Throughout the course of her studies, Sue has also mastered the ‘post-exam detox’.

“I immediately pass out on the sofa and take a nice, long nap,” she said.

“Hunkering down in front of the television and binge-watching Lupin or Emily in Paris on Netflix with a cup of hot tea and a warm blanket (if it’s cold) in celebration of the end of exams is another favorite post-exam remedy of mine.”

Sue Ven Lee

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Bachelor of International Relations
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