Manling Zhu

Manling Zhu
LLB student: Manling Zhu

What is something you wish you knew as a first-year student?

I wish I knew before I moved to Canberra that going to ANU meant living in an unfamiliar city, and I should have gotten to know more about this city. I wish that I went to more events and explored more of Canberra in my first year. Instead, I spent most of my time in classrooms and my room at Fenner Hall (the residential halls on Northbourne). As an international student from China, I was concerned about adapting to a completely new learning environment. Luckily, I made many friends and I did not really struggle much with living away from home. However, I missed out on the opportunity to explore Canberra – I only went to Black Mountain, which is just right next to ANU, in my second year!

Before, Canberra to me was just the city that ANU is in. But when I gradually learnt more about it, I started seeing the capital city as my home. 

Can you tell us more about your experiences with the PAL program?

I have been a PAL mentor since 2018. The PAL program is designed to help first-year law student with learning, practicing and adapting to studying law. The weekly PAL sessions are facilitated by mentors who are later-year law students. We provide tips from our own experiences to help the first-years with a smoother transition from high school to law school.

Being a PAL mentor is a very rewarding experience for me – sharing my experiences is a process where I can learn from other students. I have also learnt a lot from fellow mentors about not just their learning methods but the way they think and the way they see the world!

I regret not going to PAL sessions in my first year. I knew about the program but I did not attend any of the sessions. I could have gotten tips from mentors before me and find the best learning method that works for me in my first semester at law school rather than stumbling my way through.

What advice would you give future international ANU Law students?

Be confident. The College provides a lot of resources and opportunities to international students. Looking back, I am glad that I was not scared away by the idea of studying law.

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Manling Zhu

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