Prue Bindon

  • Prue provides students with pertinent context for the raw material to be covered in tutorial, revealing its broader relevance which in turn has a motivating effect.
  • She uses personal stories very effectively as a means of contextaulisation. These include humour and reveal shortcomings. She demonstrates that failures need not be feared and will contribute to development.
  • Recognises that students do not all learn in the same way – explaining something verbally, providing something visual and (if possible) pointing to the concept in the reading.
  • The feedback given on the first take home exam allowed me to feel more confident and do much better on my following torts assignment.
  • She explained everything in detail and made clear what the key points to take away were.
  • Validating individual perspectives is an important part of boosting their confidence and resilience. She is respectful when she disagrees.

“The only bad thing is she never once ended class on time: but that’s because she never rushes through if we (students) don’t understand.”

Prue Bindon
Prue Bindon
Award for Excellence in Tutoring: Lawyers, Justice and Ethics; Foundations of Australian Law; Torts

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