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Announcement about ANU School of Legal Practice - Updated December 2019

The Australian National University has announced programs in the School of Legal Practice will not be available after December 2021. This decision does not affect programs offered by the ANU Law School. Programs in the School of Legal Practice will be taught until the end of 2021. Although we are no longer accepting new applications, all existing program enrolments are subject to program completion date of 31 December 2021. For more information please refer to the FAQs.




Admission to Practice courses

  • Element 1: Becoming a Practitioner (BAP) introductory course (4 days, face-to-face)
  • Element 2: Professional Practice Core (PPC) course (online)
  • Element 3: Admission to Practice Electives
  • Element 4: Legal Practice Experience (LPE placement)
  • Element 5: Ready for Practice (RFP) capstone course

Once you have completed these five elements, you are ready to seek admission to practice.

MLP completion courses

You are only required to complete an additional four courses (24 units) in order to enhance your studies to complete your MLP. There are over 40 masters courses to choose from; please see After the GDLP for more information.

Please go to Masters completion courses for ideas on how to choose your MLP courses.

ANU Programs and Courses


Policies and Procedures Image

Policies and Procedures


Please go to Policies and Procedures

  • Assessment review & appeals
  • Credit (Status)
  • Special Consideration
  • Course study load & overloading
  • Academic Integrity / Misconduct

Career options

Course catalogue and timetable


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Student wellbeing


ANU School of Legal Practice is a national leader in researching and providing Practical Legal Training that supports the mental health and wellbeing of our graduates in order to ensure your true preparedness for practice. A number of our staff are researching extensively in the area of student and lawyer wellbeing and are receiving national and international recognition for their work.

ANU School of Legal Practice employs a psychologist on staff, Stephen Tang, who is also a lawyer and ANU School of Legal Practice lecturer. We have also compiled a list of national and state based support services, including crisis lines, helplines and online services. ANU School of Legal Practice is a national leader in researching and providing Professional Legal Training that supports the mental health and wellbeing of legal students and professionals.


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GDLP/MLP Course Support


The Course Support team provides assistance in the management and delivery of Admission to Practice and MLP completion courses, including student Wattle and IT issues. Please contact them for assistance if you are having issues in the following areas:

  • Wattle access
  • Adobe Connect Rooms
  • Adobe Connect training and orientation session times
  • Access to Virtual Office Space (VOS)
  • Firm issues (PPC)
  • IT troubleshooting

Course Support team:

Phone: +61 2 9125 1639


Legal Practice Experience (LPE)


An essential component of your GDLP is the LPE which is a placement in the legal profession under the supervision of a lawyer with at least three years of legal experience. The practical experience comprises a 20, 50 or 80 day placement in an approved legal workplace.

Please see the Legal Practice Experience page for more information.


Structure study to suit your schedule

Ready For Practice


The three week Ready for Practice (RFP) capstone course occurs at the conclusion of your GDLP (or once you've completed the other Admission to Practice courses of your MLP).  This compulsory course provides you with an opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout the program into a plan for ongoing professional development.

Please contact for a permission code to enrol in your RFP course via ISIS once you have completed the following:

  1. Becoming a Practitioner (BAP)
  2. Professional Practice Core (PPC)
  3. All elective courses

        And have been approved and enrolled in:

      4. Legal Practice Experience (LPE)




Admission to practice

Admission to Practice


We are required to provide a 'Completion Letter' to the Admitting Authority so you can be admitted to practice. This letter is relied on by Admitting Authorities as evidence of satisfactory completion of professional legal training.

You are eligible for a Completion Letter once you have finished all the admission to practice courses. At that time you can choose to graduate with the award of Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) or continue with a Master of Legal Practice (MLP). You do not have to graduate with the GDLP or MLP before you can be admitted to practice.

Please go to Admission to Practice - steps for step-by-step details on the admission to practice (court admission) process.


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