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Book Review: Martin Jarrett, Contributory Fault and Investor Misconduct in Investment Arbitration

Author(s): Esme Shirlow

Investment treaties and investor-State arbitration have both been subject to sustained criticism and calls for reform in recent years. Critics have called, inter alia, for a ‘rebalancing’ of treaties to address perceived asymmetries between States and investors, and for a reconnection of investment law to other bodies of law. As reform discussions have matured, analysis of how to address these asymmetries and fragmentations in investment law have become increasingly nuanced. Contributing to this line of scholarship, Martin Jarrett‘s book tackles difficult questions associated with when an investor’s ‘faultworthy’ conduct should impact the analysis of a host State’s responsibility for internationally wrongful conduct under an investment treaty. Jarrett’s book introduces and examines three defences to investor-State arbitration claims, which are each based on an investor’s contribution to investment damage and/or an investor’s misconduct in connection with a protected investment. Jarrett’s analysis holds important implications for the apportionment of liability between States and investors for their contribution to the injury at issue in an investor-State arbitration claim.

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Centre: CIPL

Research theme: International Law

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