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Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk: Using Student-Faculty Dialogue to Change an Adversarial Curriculum

Author(s): Molly Townes O'Brien

The law school curriculum has come under fire recently for being overly adversarial, hierarchical, patriarchal, distressing and dull. In many places, however, the curricular reform process mirrors the critique of the law school, taking a top-down approach and side-lining student input. Drawing on the recent experience of a student/faculty dialogue retreat focused on student well-being and curricular reform, this paper suggests that student/faculty dialogue may contribute positively both to curricular reform efforts and to general student well-being. The dialogue model uses structured conversation to facilitate integration of knowledge and address complex challenges. This paper describes a student/faculty dialogue and suggests the ways that student/faculty dialogue can contribute to meaningful curricular reform.

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Research theme: Criminal Law, Human Rights Law and Policy, Law and Social Justice, Legal Education

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