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Statutory Interpretation in Australia (7th ed)

Author(s): Dennis Pearce, Robert Stanley Geddes

Statutory Interpretation in Australia is a comprehensive, annotated, synopsis of statutory interpretation principles in all the Australian jurisdictions. This seventh edition is an update to 1 February 2011. The work is a detailed reference as to a multiplicity of statutory interpretation issues. This well-researched, new edition includes recent updates of case law and legislation, commentary on the “principle of equity”, and a discussion of the Human Rights Acts of Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. This text is a remarkably inclusive guide to statutory interpretation and is divided into 12 chapters. These chapters include examination of different approaches to legislative interpretation, extrinsic and intrinsic aids to interpretation, and individual consideration for interpreting current acts, repealed or amending acts and codifying acts respectively. The book concludes by considering legislation operating retrospectively and various drafting conventions and expressions. 

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Research theme: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law and Theory, Regulatory Law and Policy

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