Associate Professor Kate Ogg

Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research)
PhD Australian National University; MSc (distinction) University of Oxford; GDLP College of Law; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (first class honours, university medal) Griffith University
+61 2 6125 1718
Room 6.3.21

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Associate Professor Kate Ogg undertakes interdisciplinary research in the areas of refugee law, human rights, litigation, access to justice and feminist legal theory and method.

Kate is the author of 'Protection from Refuge: From Refugee Rights to Migration Management', which was published with Cambridge University Press in 2022. The monograph is the first global and comparative examination of the role courts play in refugee journeys.

Kate is the co-editor (with Professor Susan Harris Rimmer) of 'Feminist Engagement with International Law' (Edward Elgar, 2019) and has published a number of influential journal articles and book chapters in leading international and Australian journals and edited collections. Kate has presented her research at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' Headquarters in Geneva. She has been called to give evidence on international refugee law to the Australian Federal Parliament and regularly provides commentary on developments in refugee and human rights law and policy in domestic and international media outlets.

In 2021, Kate was part of a team led by Professor Susan Kneebone that was awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant to conduct a study on private refugee sponsorship. Kate is currently working on a new project that involves scholars and lawyers with lived experience of displacement and migration rewriting key refugee and migration law court decisions.

Kate is the Associate Dean Higher Degree Research for the ANU College of Law.

Recent news

Kate Ogg
Associate Professor Kate Ogg has written a new book that presents the first global and comparative study of 'protection-from-refuge' litigation, examining whether courts facilitate or hamper refugee journeys with a particular focus on gender.
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Past events

ANU College of Law Exhibition Moot 2021
3.00PM to 6.00PM Exhibition

Learn more about mooting with some of our most experienced student mooters. This exhibition moot will be followed by a Q&A session and drinks on the law lawns.

6.00PM to 7.00PM Alumni Career Panel

Are you considering applying for a position as a Judge’s Associate or Tipstaff after graduation? Join us as we speak to alumni who currently have or recently completed an Associateship about their experiences and advice on applying for one.

Protection from Refuge
1.00PM to 2.00PM ANU College of Law Research Seminar
  • Dr Kate Ogg

Join Dr Kate Ogg as she addresses one of the most significant problems facing the refugee protection regime: that the places in which people in need of international protection seek refuge are often as dangerous and bleak as the conditions they fled.

Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law
12.30PM to 1.30PM Book launch

The book will be formally launched at the 27th ANZSIL Conference by Professor Dianne Otto from the University of Melbourne. The book’s editors, Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer (Griffith University) and Kate Ogg (Australian National University) will discuss the contributions the publication makes to international law scholarship.


'The Role of Community Sponsorship for Refugee Resettlement in Australia': Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2022-2025 (led by Professor Susan Kneebone and with Dr Anthea Vogl) DP220101675

Refereed journal articles

  • 'Australia's International and Domestic Borders as Sites of Dislocation, Division and Distrust: The Socio-Political Impacts of COVID-19 Travel Bans' (2023, forthcoming) Law in Context (with Associate Professor Olivera Simic)

  • 'Becoming an Internally Displaced Person in Australia: State Border Closures During the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Role of International Law on Internal Displacement' Australian Journal of Human Rights (2022) 28(1) (with Associate Professor Olivera Simic)

  • 'COVID-19 Border Closures: A Violation of Non-Refoulement Obligations in International Refugee and Human Rights Law?' Australian Yearbook of International Law (2022) 39(1) (with Chanelle Taoi)

  • 'International Solidarity and Palestinian Refugees: Lessons for the Future Directions of Refugee Law' Human Rights Review (2021) 22(4)

  • 'Backlashes Against International Commitments and Obligations: Asylum as Restorative Justice' Australian Yearbook of International Law (2020) 38(1) 

  • 'On what Legal Grounds will a Refugee be Saved from Camp Life?'  International Journal of Refugee Law (2016) 28(3)

  • 'Protection Closer to Home? A Legal Case for Claiming Asylum at Embassies and Consulates' Refugee Survey Quarterly (2014) 33(4)

  • 'Are We There Yet? Measuring Human Rights Sensibilities' Australian Journal of Human Rights (2014) 20(1) (with Professors Simon Rice and Denise Meyerson)

  • ‘Separating the Persecutors from the Persecuted: A Feminist and Comparative Examination of Exclusion from the Refugee Regime’ International Journal of Refugee Law (2014) 26(1)

  • 'A Sometimes Dangerous Convergence: Refugee Law, Human Rights Law and the Meaning of 'Effective Protection'' Macquarie Law Journal (2013) 12

  • ‘A Question of Discretion: A Critical Analysis of New Legal and Evidentiary Hurdles for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom’ Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration (2012) 2(1)

Book chapters

  • 'Decolonising Civil Procedure: Court Process as Continuing Colonisation and Tool for Indigenous Justice' in Decolonising Legal Pedagogy (Routledge, forthcoming).

  • 'The Evolution of Safe Third Country Law and Practice' in The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law (Oxford University Press, 2021) (with Dr Eleni Karageorgiou and Dr Luisa Felini Freier De Ferrari)

  • 'International Human Rights Law in Feminist Scholarship on Peace and Conflict: Disappearing and Re-emerging?' in Handbook of Feminist Peace Research (Routledge, 2021) (with Lousie Craker)

  • 'Sexing the Leviathan: The Possibilities for Feminist Analyses of Crimmigration', in Crimmigration in Australia: Law, Politics and Society (Springer, 2019)

  • 'Destination Australia: Journeys of the Moribund', in Deadly Voyages: Migrant Journeys Across the Globe (Lexington Press, 2019)

  • ‘New Directions in Article 1D Jurisprudence: Greater Barriers for Palestinian Refugees Seeking the Benefits of the Refugee Convention' in The Research Handbook on International Refugee Law (Edward Elgar, 2019)

  • 'The Future(s) of Feminist Engagement with International Law' in Feminist Engagement with International Law (Edward Elgar, 2019) (with Dr Susan Harris-Rimmer)

  • ‘The Future of Feminist Engagement with Refugee Law: From the Margins to the Centre and out of the 'Pink Ghetto'?' in Feminist Engagement with International Law (Edward Elgar, 2019) 

  • ‘A Feminist (Legal) Analysis of the Interface Between Refugee Law and the Mandates of Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’ in Current Issues in Transitional Justice (Springer, 2014) (with Dr Natalia Szablewska)

Conference papers & presentations

  • 'Rewriting Refugee Law - Shifting Debates in Gender Scholarship' International Association for Refugee and Migration Judges, University of Newcastle, November 2022

  • 'Feminism as Method in International Law Research' Refugee Law Initiative, November 2022

  • 'Rewriting Refugee Law' Refugee Law Initiative Conference, University of London, June 2022

  • 'Community Sponsorship Scholarship: Directions and Lacunas' Refugee Law Initiative Conference, University of London, June 2022

  • 'Crimmigration and Critical Legal Theory', Crimmigration Law Talks, Leiden Law School, May 2022

  • 'Lived Experiences of Australia's COVID-19 Border Closures', COVID-19 and Borders Conference, University of Hong Kong, May 2022

  • 'Getting Wiser with Age? Article 1D Jurisprudence: From Stuck in the Past to Pointing the Way Forward' Refugee Law Initiative Conference, University of London, June 2021

  • 'Gendering Border Externatisation' Resposibility Sharing or Shedding? Reflections from Europe and Australia CONREP Conference, Deakin University, February 2020

  • 'Refugee and Judicial Narratives of Refuge: From Affinity to Incongruity' Narrating Displacement Conference, University of Oxford, October 2019

  • 'A State of Exception or A State of Exceptionality?: Challenges to Offshore Processing in the South Pacific' Public Interest Lawyering Conference, La Trobe University, August 2019

  • 'International Solidarity from the Perspective of Palestinian Refugees' The Spirit of International Solidarity, the Right to Asylum, and the Response to Displacement – An Interdisciplinary Symposium, La Trobe University, February 2019

  • 'Feminist Claims in Turbulent Times' IPSA Confernce, University of Queensland, July 2018

  • 'Gender in Refugee Law - From the Margins to the Centre and out of the Pink Ghetto' Conference on Gender, Asylum and Families, College of Law and Business, Tel Aviv, March 2017

  • 'Trump's Executive Orders from the Lens of Refugee Law', The Explosive President: Donald Trump's Migration Policy and its Impact on International Law and Non-Discrimination Principles, Centre for International and Public Law, Canberra, 13 February 2017

  • 'The Post-Exclusion Dilemma: An Australian Perspective' International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Poland, July 2016

  • 'A Woman's Refuge?' The Future of Women's Engagement with International Law, Brisbane, June 2016

  • 'Protection from Refuge' Access to Asylum: Current Challenges and Future Directions, Prato, May 2014

  • 'The Intersections of Refugee and International Criminal Law: Unintended Consequences' The Impact of Migration Law and Policy, Australian National University, Canberra, October 2013

  • ‘At the Edge of Law and Morality: A Feminist and Comparative Examination of Exclusion from the Refugee Regime on the Grounds of Criminality’, Canadian Law and Society’s Law on the Edge Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, July 2013

  • ‘Recent Jurisprudence on Article 1F of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees 1951 and the Insights Offered by a Feminist Legal Analysis’, Migration Law Series, University of Oxford Law School, Oxford, May 2012

  • ‘A Day in the Life of a Litigator’, Queensland Law Society Expo, Brisbane, July 2011

  • ‘An Update on the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture, Prohibition and Death Penalty Abolition) Act 2010 (Cth), and the Interaction of Australian Authorities With Death Penalty Jurisdictions’, Law Council of Australia’s 2010 National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference, Brisbane, August 2010

Government submissions


  • Submission to Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on Inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Repairing Medical Transfers) Bill 2019 (2019) (with Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law)

  • Submission to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights on Complementary Protection (2013) (with Professor Jane McAdam et al)

Case notes & book reviews

  • 'Protection amid Chaos: The Creation of Private Property Rights in Palestinian Refugee Camps' International Journal of Refugee Law (2017) 29(3)



Currently supervising

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Topic: Performing sovereignty: How to make a refugee disappear with legal magic My PhD dissertation looks at how sovereignty iterates, presents and reifies itself in the Australian refugee context. In Australia, refugees can be detained without reasons for the decision...

Honours thesis supervision

I am willing to supervise in the areas

  • refugee law
  • international human rights law
  • litigation and dispute resolution
  • feminist legal theory

Current courses

Year Course code Course name
2023 LAWS4225
Class #6494
International Law of Human Rights

Previous courses

Year Course code Course name
2021 LAWS4225
Class #6516
International Law of Human Rights
2021 LAWS6244
Class #2712
Litigation and Dispute Management
2021 LAWS2244
Class #4222
Litigation and Dispute Management
2020 LAWS4010
Class #1418
Jessup Moot
2021 LAWS6010
Class #1565
Jessup Moot
2021 LAWS4010
Class #1566
Jessup Moot
2020 LAWS6010
Class #1426
Jessup Moot

Past courses

  • Litigation and Dispute Management
  • International Law of Human Rights
  • Jessup Moot

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