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BA(Hons)(Adel.); LLB( Hons 1) (ANU); GDLP (ANU); PhD (Env. Law) (Wollong.); Barrister and Solicitor (ACT)
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Dr Prest is a lecturer in law specialising in environmental law with interests in administrative law and litigation and is a Member of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law. He is currently publishing papers on renewable energy law (particularly on feed-in tariffs and tradeable RE certificates law); and major projects legislation. His research interests are in the areas of renewable energy law; climate change law; special projects legislation; biodiversity law; and environmental offences.

After graduating from the University of Adelaide and the ANU and gaining admission to practise in the Supreme Court of the ACT in 1995 he worked for several years as a legal policy officer at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. He has also held positions as a Research Officer at the Law and Bills Digest Group of the Parliamentary Library in Canberra and as an adviser at Parliament House. He has practiced as a solicitor with Corrs Chambers Westgarth; and the Legal Aid Office in Canberra as well as holding the position of Principal Solicitor with the Environmental Defender's Office ACT Inc. between October 2004 and December 2006.  In January 2004 he submitted a PhD thesis in law at the Centre for Natural Resources Law and Policy; Faculty of Law; University of Wollongong; under the supervision of Professor David Farrier; author of the NSW Environmental Law Handbook.

His current research focus is on energy and climate change law.



  • Member; Commission on Environmental Law; International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • Member, ANU Energy Change Institute
  • Member, Australian Institute of Energy
  • Member, Australian Network for Japanese Law
  • Member, ANU Japan Institute

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Recent news

Rooftop Solar Panels
Students in the Environmental Law Clinical Program have returned from Sydney where they visited two community solar energy projects; the Environmental Defenders Office NSW; and met with justices of the Land and Environment Court.
Yallourn Power Station - Victoria, Australia
While the Australian government congratulates itself on ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change, it is dragging its feet on a less well known, but very important, international treaty on air pollution - the UN's Minamata Convention on Mercury.

Please note, only a small selection of recent publications and activities are listed below.

Read selected publications in the ANU Digital Collection

Research biography

My research has a strong focus on comparative environmental law, with an emphasis on renewable energy and climate change law, examining the legal and policy barriers to increased investment in renewable electricity generation. I apply a comparative law approach to critically analyse key policy choices and legislative models in the field of domestic energy and climate law, drawing upon Australian, EU, Indonesian, and Japanese experience in the last decade.

My current research is united by the following common themes: (1) barriers and drivers of renewable energy investment and comparative international analysis of renewable energy law; (2) questions of regulation of competition between firms in the electricity market and the influence of regulatory frameworks on the impact of disruptive technological innovations; and (3) a series of international and/or local industry based case study approaches. The latter include: (i) renewable energy incentive laws; (ii) the influence of land use planning law on wind energy projects; (iii) regulation of mercury emissions from conventional generation; and (iv) legal frameworks to encourage emerging renewable energy technologies including storage and micro-grids, solar thermal power with storage.

Other projects include (v) law and policy for electric vehicle charging infrastructure (vi) law reform to promote hydrogen energy transition (vii) Japan- Australia energy dialogue funded by Toshiba International Foundation (iv) barriers to renewable energy investment in Indonesia.

I have conducted energy law research in the United States, UK, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Indonesia and Vanuatu. I have active collaborations with researchers in USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Indonesia.

Research projects & collaborations

  • (2016-7) Obstacles and Opportunities for Solar Energy in Indonesia, Australia Indonesia Centre Energy Cluster (with Dr. Andri Wibisana of Universitas Indonesia, Fakultas Hukum), and Dr. Laode Syarif, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar)

  • (2015) Geothermal energy law in Indonesia (Hukum energi panas bumi di Indonesia), Australia Indonesia Centre Energy Cluster (with Dr. Andri Wibisana of Universitas Indonesia, Fakultas Hukum), and Dr. Laode Syarif, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar)

  • (2015 -2016) “‘A comparative review of Spanish and Australian Law and Policy for Concentrating Solar Thermal Electricity Generation’, Project Leader: Prest J (ANU Law); Collaborators: Pye, J., (ANU Solar Thermal), Zapata, J. (ANU Solar Thermal), Santiago Alonso Arias (Torresol Energy), Pablo del Río González, Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC, Madrid), Dr. F. Javier Sanz Larruga (Facultad de Dereito, Univ. de A Coruna, Spain).


  • (2017) Principal Investigator on 'Experts’ Dialogue on Energy Policy and Regulation in Asia' to provide a high-level forum for energy scholars and policy makers to discuss challenges facing the energy sector in Japan and Australia. Co- Investigators are Dr. Llewelyn Hughes (ANU), Prof. Hitoshi Ushijima (Chuo), Prof. Satoshi Kurokawa (Waseda), Prof. David Litt (Keio), Toshiba International Foundation ($20,000).

  • Hydrogen Energy Storage and the Law: one of two projects under Scoping Opportunities for Integration of Gas and Electricity Networks in the Australian Capital Territory $99,265 (One of Two Named Investigators) (funded by Crookwell Wind Farm Development/Union Fenosa Australia and Innovation Connections (Federal Dept. of Industry and Innovation) $49,632 matched funding.

  • (2016-7-8) Principal Investigator on Work Package #3 ‘Regulatory and Policy transformation for Microgrid enablement’, $60,000, within Project SRP#2 ‘Optimal Microgrid Design and Operation' (led by principal investigator Dr Hassan Hijazi), funded by Australia-Indonesia Centre (total funding of this Strategic Work Package #2 is $440,000) . 

  • (2014-2015) Principal Investigator on “Overcoming Legal and Governance Barriers to Clean Energy in Indonesia and Australia”, $16,413, Australia Indonesia Centre (with Dr. Andri Wibisana of Universitas Indonesia, Fakultas Hukum), and Dr Laode Syarif, Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar.

    (2013) “Reforming National Electricity Law in a Clean Energy Era”, ANU College of Law Small Grants scheme, Funds awarded: $3831.00.
      (2010) “Legal Incentives & Barriers to Renewable Energy Development”, ANU College of Law General Scheme Awarded: 17/08/2010, Report filed: 9.11.11., Funds awarded: $4000.00
     (2009) Vice Chancellor’s ANU Travel Grant: Attendance at UN Climate Conference Negotiations (Bonn, Copenhagen COP 15) plus comparative international research interviews, Funds awarded: $9000. Funded travel in June 2009, December 2009. (Awarded 23.4.09)


I am avaiable to share my expertise on a consulting basis to international organisations, corporations, NGOs, and multilateral institutions on a range of topics within energy law, climate law and environmental law. I am interested in particular in opportunities in the Asian and Pacific regions in the field of renewable energy law and policy. Some of this work has included training assignments for public servants from various Australian government departments as well as officers of governments in the South Asian region.

A sample of past assistance in Australia that I have given includes the following:

  • (2012) Advice to ACT Legislative Assembly members regarding National Energy Retail Law (ACT) Bill 2012 and Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Bill 2012 (oral and by email).
  • (2011) Advice to NSW Legislative Council members regarding proposed amendments to NSW FIT law and retrospective application.
  • (2011) Advice to ACT Legislative Assembly members regarding solar access legislation (in writing, in person and by telephone) and Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Amendment Bill 2011.
  • (2011) Advice to ACT Legislative Assembly members regarding proposed amendments to planning law for renewable energy projects (in person, by telephone and by email), plus advice on Planning and Development (Climate Change Targets) Amendment Bill 2011.
  • (2011-2010) Advice to WA MPs re: Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff (REFiT WA) Bill 2010.
  • (2010) Advice to ACT Legislative Assembly members on (i) Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Statements) Amendment Bill 2010, (ii) Comments on ACT Planning Draft Variations 301 and 303, (iii) advice on climate change amendments to planning legislation, (iv) advice on solar access legislation.
  • (2009) advice to ACT Legislative Assembly members on (i) Building (Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill (ii) solar access legislation proposals.
  • (2008) Consulted by the ACT Government’s Director of Energy Projects regarding implementation of the ACT Electricity Feed-In (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008.
  • (2008) Consultations with ACT Members of Legislative Assembly regarding amendments to Electricity Feed-In (Renewable Energy Premium) Bill 2008, (mid 2008), including drafting of amendments.

Book chapters

  • (2017) “Policy Frameworks And Institutions For The Decarbonisation Of The Electricity Sector”, with Sue, K., Smith, M. in Smith, Hussey, Lindesay, Raupach, Baldwin (eds.), Low Carbon, Resilient and Prosperous Economies, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
  • (2015) "Sustainability [Energy and Climate Law in the ACT]" ch.11 in Taylor, C. (ed.) ACT Environmental Law Handbook, publisher:  Softlaw Community Projects Pty Ltd and Environmental Defender's Office ACT., 3rd edition, 221-248. 
  • 2015) "Forests and Plantations Law", in Farrier, D. and Stein, P. (eds) The Environmental Law Handbook, Thomson Reuters, 6th edition, (forthcoming).
  • (2011) “Forests law”, in Farrier, D. and Stein, P. (eds) The Environmental Law Handbook, Thomson Reuters, 5th edition, 533-571. 
  • (2010) “The Australian Capital Territory and the Gungahlin Drive Expressway”, in Bonyhady, T. and  Macintosh, A. (eds.) Mills, Mines and Other Controversies: The Environmental Assessment of Major Projects, Federation Press at 207-223.
  • (2009) “Sustainability and the Law: Climate Change, Energy and Urban Issues”, ACT Environmental Law Handbook, A. Rawson, ed., Environmental Defender’s Office (ACT) Inc., pp.151-165
  • (2009) “A Dangerous Obsession with Least Cost? Climate Change, Renewable Energy Law and Emissions Trading” in Gumley, W. & Daya-Winterbottom, T. (eds.) Climate Change Law: Comparative, Contractual & Regulatory Considerations, Thomson Reuters, 179-205.
  • (2008) “Australia” in Kormos, C. (ed) A Handbook on International Wilderness Law and Policy, Fulcrum Press, Golden, Colorado, at pp.56-89.
  • (2007) "The Bald Hills Wind Farm Debacle", in Bonyhady, T. and Christoff, P. (eds.) Climate Law in Australia, Federation Press at 230-261.
  • (2006) "Forestry Law" in Farrier, D. and Stein, P. (eds.) The Environmental Law Handbook: NSW, 4th edition, Redfern Legal Centre Publishing, Sydney, 440-466.
  • (2004) "The Forgotten Forests: The Regulation of Forestry on Private Land in NSW 1997-2002" in Lunney, D. (ed.) Conservation of Australia's Forest Fauna , 2nd edition, Royal Zoological Society NSW, Mosman, at 297 - 330.  
  • (2001) "Land Clearing Approval Rates in NSW" in Williams, J. (ed.) Biodiversity Theme Report: Australia State of the Environment Report 2001, CSIRO Publishing on behalf of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, at 42-43.
  • (1999) "Marine Protected Areas" [the Law of], (Book Chapter in Title 14.7 "Biodiversity Protection", of Laws of Australia, Law Book Company, Chapter 3, Part B.

Refereed journal articles

  • (2012) "The Future of Feed-in Tariffs: Capacity Caps, Scheme Closures and Looming Grid Parity",  1/2012, Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review (Lexxion, Berlin), 25-41.
  • (2011)  "Summary: Law and Policy to Advance Renewable Energy - A Comparative Colloquium" 2(2) Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 171-177.
  • (2011) “Editorial: Renewable Energy Law after Fukushima”, Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 2/2011: pp. 89-90.
  • (2007) “Council Officer Prosecuted for Biodiversity Offences: Garrett v. Freeman”, 13(1) Local Government Law Journal 1-11.  (Extended casenote) 
  • (2000) “Implementation of Threatened Species Law by Local Government in NSW” 17(6) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 584-601 (50%, 50% Andrew Kelly). (Cited by 3 works)
  • (1993) “Environmental Audit as a Regulatory Strategy: Prospects and Reform” 15(4) Sydney Law Review 492-526 (40%, 60% by Gunningham, Neil) (cited by 16 works).

Conference papers & presentations


  • (2017) “Critical analysis of current regulatory frameworks to encourage investment in solar PV in Indonesia”, 11 April 2017, Regnet Innovations Seminar, ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance. 
  • (2016) “Defeating the Deadly Duo: Mercury and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Improving Laws to Regulate Emissions from the Electricity Sector in Asia”, 4th International Conference on Environment Pollution and Prevention (ICEPP 2016), Kyoto, Japan, 26 December, 2016.
  • (2016) ‘What’s Blocking Solar PV in Indonesia? Will the new FIT law work?’ Australian Photovoltaic Insitute 2016 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, ANU 30 November 2016.
  • (2016) “Regulatory and policy transformation for microgrid enablement”, Australia Indonesia Centre Energy Cluster Workshop, Presentation at Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, 24 August 2016.
  • (2016) ‘Legal and Regulatory Implications of Energy Storage Technologies’ to  Regulating The Energy Transition: Issues At The Intersection Of Energy And Environmental Law, Workshop: 1 July 2016, All Souls College, University of Oxford.
  • (2016) 'Litigation over the Solar Energy Revolution', paper to the 14th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, University of Oslo, Norway, 22 June 2016.
  • (2016) “Clean Energy and the Law: Competition and the Solar Energy Revolution”, paper to the National Law Reform Conference, Australian National University College of Law, 15 April. 
  • (2014) 'Competition law perspectives on attainment of renewable energy targets', to Energy Market Regulation stream of 12th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, 2 July 2014, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.
  • (2014) 'Regulating Emissions from the Electricity Generation Sector: A Comparative Review', 12th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.
  • (2013), “Australia and Energy and Climate Change Law: Contradictions and Challenges in the Asian region”, Seminar by invitation to Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law, at Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore , 7 November 2013.
  • (2012) "Australian Energy Governance, Fossil Energy Exports and International Responsibility to Address Dangerous Climate Change: A review of competing legal frameworks for Clean Energy in the Asia Pacific Region", presentation to Workshop session: Meeting Asia's Energy Needs in the 21st Century - Energy Law session, 25th LawAsia Conference, 18-21 November 2012, Bali, Indonesia 
  • (2010) “Fast Tracking Versus Public Participation? Planning Law for Wind Energy Development: Weighing Global Benefits Against Local Impacts”  Yale 2nd UNITAR/Yale 2010 Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy Strengthening Institutions to Address Climate Change and Advance a Green Economy, Law School, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 17-19 September 2010.
  • (2010) “Australian Vegetation and Biodiversity Law – Ignoring Climate Change Impacts in a Context of Regulatory Flexibility, Offsetting and Fast Tracking”, paper presented to 8th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium, University of Ghent, Belguim, 14-17 September 2010, paper presented on 16 September to Panel 36.
  • (2009) “Planning Law for Renewable Energy Development: Fast Tracking or Public Participation? Weighing Global Benefits Against Local Impacts” IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Academy of Environmental Law, 7th Annual Colloquium, Wuhan, China, 1-7th November, (Competitive Peer Reviewed Application Process).
  • (2009) “Trading Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis? delivered 20.2.2009 to Osaka Graduate School of Law and Osaka International School of Public Policy, Osaka University, Osaka (by invitation).
  • (2008) "Legislating to Promote Renewable Energy Deployment - a Comparative Review of Law & Policy in Australia and Japan", paper presented to 6th Annual Conference of Australian Network for Japanese Law, School of Law, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, 16th February 2008. 
  • (2008) “A comparative review of legal mechanisms for renewable energy development”, paper to Lexis Nexis Environmental and Climate Change Legal Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand, 2-3 April 2008.

Commissioned reports


Government submissions

  • (2016) Submission to Council of Australian Governments, Consumer Protection for Behind the Meter Electricity Supply, August, with Energy Change Institute (ANU) collaborators, on behalf of ECI.
  • (2015) Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines, 20pp., plus attachments, June, Submission No.462. Video of my evidence is available here, from minute 41:00 to 1.41.00
  • (2011) Submission to the Expert Review Panel, Review of Future Directions for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, December, 16pp. (with Claude Walker).
  • (2011) Submission to Senate Community Affairs References Committee - Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms, February 2011
  • (2010) Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee – National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010, 12 Apr 2010 (PDF 458KB)
  • (2008) Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Feed-In Tariff) Bill 2008, 29 August 2008


 ANU Committees

  • Member of Executive Committee, ANU Energy Change Institute (2014-)

Case notes & book reviews



  • (2017) Principal investigator and bid leader on “ Regulatory and policy reform to drive uptake of electric mobility – improving the business case for widespread fast charging infrastructure” now at Second Round Consideration, application to ANU Endowment ActewAGL Endowment Fund, Energy Change Partnering Opportunity, Funds applied for $120,000, with Dr Paul Burke Crawford School. 
  • (2017-8) Invited Investigator on ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub bid "Renewable fuels: Australian technology innovation chain", research stream - Policy, codes and standards to enable Australian renewable fuel industry creation and transformation. This project is  led by Prof Wojciech Lipinski, ANU Solar Thermal Research Group
  • Referee in blind peer review process for Macquarie Law Journal, Melbourne University Law Review, Federal Law Review, University of Tasmania Law Review, Local Government Law Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law, University of NSW Law Journal, Canberra Law Review, Melbourne Journal of International Law, Sydney Law Review, Climate Law (IOS Press), Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review (Claeys & Casteels).

Currently supervising

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Topic: Principles of Quality in Environmental Regulation: Powers, Remedies and Sanctions
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Topic: Marine Governance in an Industrialised Ocean: a case study of the emerging marine renewable energy industry

PhD supervision

Supervision availability

I am available to supervise students with proposed research projects in the fields of climate law, energy law, and environmental law.


SJD supervision

Supervision availability

I am available to supervise students with proposed research projects in the fields of climate law, energy law, and environmental law.


Honours thesis supervision

  • (2017) Maclaren Wall, "Driving Change: Identifying Second Generation Policy and Law to Increase the Uptake of Electric Vehicles in New South Wales".
  • (2015, Semester 2), Thomas Jenkins, ‘An examination of the network connection and access regime of the National Electricity Rules in light of national trends toward renewable and decentralised electricity generation’
  • (2015, Jan-June), Markus Klaiber, "The Law and Policy of Energy Storage: Experiences in Germany and California, and the Case for Government Intervention in Australia"
  • (2014, July-November) Nicholas Bouvier, "A Nuclear Liability Framework for Australia"
  • (2014, Feb-June), Oei Hui Hsia “Paving the Way for a Brighter Future: A Case Study of the Legal Barriers Confronting Energy Storage in Australia and the Possibilities of an Energy Storage Future”.
  • (2013) Lee Usher Clarke “Reform of Australian Legal Framework to Encourage Electricity Generation from Solar Thermal Technologies”, Semester Two.
  • Alexandra Auhl (2012) “Examining the Effect of Legal Framework on Activity in the Community Renewable Energy Projects Sector”, Semester Two.
  • Charlotte Hanson (2011) – “Regulating the Known Unknowns: How Environmental Uncertainty is Addressed in the Regulation of the Coal Seam Gas Industry in Queensland and New South Wales” (Sem 2, 2011)
  • Byron Fay (2011) – Environmental Clinical Education (“Beckoning the age of the public interest environmental law sector: The key to public enforcement of environmental standards in NSW”, Sem1, 2011)
  • Claude Walker (2011) – “The Legal Framework for Geothermal Energy: Stimulating Development through Law and Law Reform” (Sem2, 2011)
  • Josh Prentice “Making Effective Use of Australia's Natural Resources ; The Record of Australian Renewable Energy Law in the International Context” (Hons. S1, 2010), published as “Making Effective Use of Australia’s Natural Resources – The Record of Australian Renewable Energy Law under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth) Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 1/2011: pp. 5-16 [Article]
  • Martin King, “Wasted Opportunities: Non-technical barriers to increased uptake of municipal solid waste to electricity technology under Commonwealth and NSW Law”, Semester 1, 2011. 
  • Andrew Brickhill “Blowing Communities Apart: Addressing Community Resistance to Wind Farms under NSW Planning Law” (Hons. S1, 2010)
  • Supervision availability

    I am available to supervise students with proposed research projects in the fields of climate law, energy law, and environmental law.


Internship supervision

(2017) Sally Wong, "Legal Frameworks for the Hydrogen Energy Economy", Semester Two.

Current courses

Year Course code Course name
2017 LAWS4274
Class #5753
Climate Law
2017 LAWS8181
Class #6863
Australian Climate Law
2017 LAWS4281
Class #9129
Environmental Law Clinical Program

Previous courses

Year Course code Course name
2016 LAWS8189
Class #1396
Fundamentals of Environmental Law
2016 LAWS4230
Class #2409
Law Internship
2016 LAWS4230
Class #1539
Law Internship
2016 LAWS4274
Class #1814
Climate Law

Past courses

  • Environmental Law (Laws 4215) (Convenor)
  • Climate Law (Laws 4274) (Convenor)
  • Internship Program (Laws 4230) (Convenor) (ongoing, S2 2015, Summer 2015-6, S1 of 2016)
  • Environmental Law Clinic (Laws 4281)  (invited presenter, 2016, 2015)


  • Australian Climate Law (Laws 8181) (Convenor)
  • Biodiversity Law (Laws 8280) (Convenor)
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Law (Laws 8189) (Convenor in 2014)
  • International Law of the Environment (Laws 8264) (Spring 2015)
  • Sustainable Energy Law (Laws 8037) (Convenor)

Teaching in Other Courses

  • Environmental Law Clinical Program (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Wind Energy - Masters of Energy Change (2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
  • Introduction to International Law (2011)\
  • Comparative US-Australian Environmental Law (with Heather Elliott, Univ. of Alabama)
  • Planning and Environmental Practice (Legal Workshop), 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Foundations of Australian Law (2004, 2011)
  • Lawyers Justice and Ethics ( 2006, 2007)
  • He has taught as a team member of short courses for clients including Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Industry, Department of Defence, DFAT Australia Awards South West Asia program.

Teaching Invitations at Other Universities

He has taught by invitation at the University of Alabama, Tokyo University, Chuo University, Waseda University (Japan), University of Canberra, and University of NSW.


How my works connects with public policy

My work is focussed on finding solutions to the pressing problem of climate change through the acceleration of transition to clean energy systems in electricity and transport. 
I am researching and writing about energy law with an emphasis of including the Asia Pacific regions surrounding Australia, not just domestic Australian energy policy.

The broad topic areas within which my work falls (with its emphasis on energy and environmental implications of different energy choices) are included in several lists of national public policy priorities. For example, Energy and Environmental Change are listed as two of the nine National Science and Research Priorities set by the Australian Government in 2016, and these priorities guide the activity of the Australian Research Council.

An example of recent presentation on research results was the seminar delivered at the ANU's School of Regulation and Global Governance on energy solutions in Indonesia.

Critical analysis of current regulatory frameworks to encourage investment in solar PV in Indonesia: Seminar:Tuesday 11 April 2017

Seminar Room 1.04, Coombs Extension Building #8, ANU
ANU Canberra
Another example of my work on energy in regional context - In June 2017 I was invited to give a pre-recorded video presentation to a large gathering of Ministers, public officials and the diplomatic community on World Environment Day (5 June) in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital city, on the importance of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the emerging economic opportunities of a transition to clean energy, organised by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation's SAARC Energy Centre.

(2017) Invited participant and presenter, APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) , 3rd Asia-Pacific Energy Sustainable Development Forum, hosted by APEC Sustainable Energy Centre (APSEC) established in 2015 at Tianjin University, China, paper entitled “Legislative responses to technologically-induced electricity market disruption: Embracing ‘Clean’ Coal or encouraging Clean Energy?.


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