The great unskewing: Proportional representation and preference voting in US elections


Professor Mulroy is currently researching and writing a book on US election reform which, among other things, seeks to find lessons from the Australian electoral experience. It will examine the potential of replacing the plurality, winner-take-all system of electing members to the US House of Representatives with a more proportionate system. It will also discuss the gerrymandering problem in the US, along with attempts to address it with (i) judicial scrutiny of gerrymandering and (ii) nonpartisan redistricting commissions (as exist in Australia). As currently contemplated, it will conclude that while those reforms are salutary, geographic-based representation inherently lends itself to 'natural gerrymanders', and that Australian-style proportional representation and preferential voting should be considered.

Professor Mulroy’s 'Work In Progress' presentation will summarize his thesis and findings and invite feedback as he continues to work on the book. Suggestions are welcome.

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