Studying law abroad: Why a JD from ANU is perfect for Canada’s aspiring law students

Kayla Capiendo

I started taking law electives and they were the courses that I enjoyed the most and in which I achieved the best results.

Kayla Capiendo grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and studied science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. But when she wanted to follow that up with a postgraduate law degree she decided to combine it with an overseas adventure.

What do you like about studying the JD and ANU College of Law?

I love the program. I find the lectures engaging, the course material is really good, it’s relevant to issues in society today, and the convenors do a really good job.

I find especially being in the JD cohort where it’s a smaller group of students, they really make sure that we understand the material and that we’re getting the most out of our postgrad experience.

Why study abroad?

Travelling and challenging myself has always been a big part of my life.

Living on campus makes a big difference, I love it. I live at the UniLodge where there are a lot of international students and postgrads. Everyone is from somewhere else and you learn about people’s cultures and what it was like for them growing up. It’s really enriching to hear everybody’s stories.

One of my sorority sisters from my undergrad went to Australia to do the JD and she was a big factor in my research. She was an advocate, telling me I should definitely come here, it’s a really good opportunity and now she’s actually back in Canada working at a law firm so that really gave me confidence in the transferability of the qualification.

Why am I studying law?

The more I studied science the more I realised I wasn’t as passionate about it as I thought I would be. I started taking law electives and they were the courses that I enjoyed the most and in which I achieved the best results. Just to solidify that choice I did a law internship at a local firm in Winnipeg and then I knew for sure that I wanted to go to law school.

What do you like about Canberra?

I love Canberra. I love the size of it and everybody is super friendly. I’m from a mid-sized town in Canada so the size of Canberra appealed to me. I felt very welcomed when I arrived and once my family saw it here they were confident and happy with the city I chose to move to.

And the High Court is here so I knew there would be a lot of opportunities while studying law.

Kayla Capiendo

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