Ayeshi Wellalage on her hunger for more legal knowledge

Ayeshi Wellalage
Ayeshi says she gained many skills from her degree, all of which she applies in her job on a daily basis

I was particularly drawn to the idea of having flexibility to undertake my studies when and how I wanted to

For Ayeshi, the best thing about her undergraduate studies was learning about new areas of law and developing her knowledge and skills. By the end of her undergraduate studies however, her appetite for learning instead of being sated, had grown exponentially.

All Ayeshi knew was that she wanted more: More knowledge, more information.

“I felt that the way in which the subjects were made available, the need to finish my degree within a certain period and the requirement to study ‘core’ subjects, meant that I finished my undergraduate studies feeling like I had missed out on learning about some other very interesting areas of law,” she recalls.

For Ayeshi there was only one course of action: begin a Master of Laws (LLM) to further develop her understanding and knowledge in areas that interested her.

“I was also particularly drawn to the idea of having flexibility to undertake my studies when and how I wanted to.

“I knew I required this flexibility as I was working full-time and had other commitments. It also meant that when I was studying, I was able to focus and concentrate on one subject at a time, or in some cases two, enabling me to thoroughly learn and explore the subject”.

The LLM '18 and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) '14 alumna was not disappointed by her decision to keep studying.

“I was able to engage with interesting subject matter, gaining skills such as critical analysis, undertaking research, multi-tasking, prioritising.

“I see practical use of these skills in my everyday life, whether it be at work tackling a new and unique issue that I need to create a solution to, or in my personal life where I am considering my consumer rights in relation to a purchase.”

Another highlight of Ayeshi’s degree was the people she met along the way.

“I met my fellow students, heard about their differing experiences and cultivated my professional network,” she says.

“On graduation day, I reflected back on the journey I had taken, felt pride about my accomplishment and gratitude for the people who had supported me along the way.”

After graduating Ayeshi continues to work at the Commonwealth Attorney‑General’s Department, where she also worked during her studies.

“I completed my studies part-time and was fortunate to have been supported by the department to undertake these studies whilst working full-time,” she explained.

To students who like her with a zest for learning are considering a postgraduate degree, Ayeshi gave the following advice:

“Engage with your degree. Choose subjects you are interested in. Give yourself the time and space to undertake the subjects, which can be intense and time consuming. And take away your credit card! Online shopping can be too tempting when you are spending your weekend studying.”

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