From astrophysics to Law

Corin Rowell
Corin said her degree has taught her some good research and critical thinking skills.

You know when you listen to someone talk about something they really love, and they make it sound fascinating? That’s been all of my classes so far!

Like most of her fellow classmates Corin Rowel who is currently doing her first year of the ANU Juris Doctor (JD) program, did not start out studying law.

As she states she “sort of fell backwards into it”, initially studying Astrophysics and engineering, but quickly deciding that was not for her.

Corin said that it wasn’t until she transferred to philosophy and completed a few law units, that she realised she had finally found her passion.

“I am interested in helping people and I’ve always liked public speaking and arguing,” she says.

Corin then transferred into a Bachelor of Arts majoring in legal studies. She spent her undergraduate degree learning about different theories of law; but was particularly drawn to cases of injustice existing within the legal system.

 “The Brock Turner case (the Stanford rape case where the defendant got a ridiculously short sentence), solidified the idea that the legal system has holes and gaps and needs good people working in it who actually want to help!”

Compelled by a desire to help others and combat injustice, Corin decided to complete the Juris Doctor program and become a lawyer.

“I want to be a lawyer, definitely. I am not entirely sure in what area of law yet, all I know is I want to be able to work with clients and help them find answers to their problems.

 “I enrolled in the Juris Doctor program, to get some practical skills along with the theory, as I saw that it had a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning, and clinical programs built into its structure”, she said.

Regarding her experience of living in Canberra and studying the JD at ANU, Corin stated:

 “It’s amazing to be studying law in the capital of Australia, where I can just get on a bus and go straight to the Supreme Court or the Parliament House.

“One thing I've really enjoyed is being able to meet other people who are also live interstate or overseas. I've already made some great friends in my law course.

“It’s also been wonderful to just attend the lectures here! Pretty much every lecturer I’ve had in my course has been someone who’s passionate about the subject, and makes it really engaging.

To students interested in studying the JD program, Corin gave the following advice:

“Be prepared to do the work and do the readings. The JD is fascinating, but it is definitely more work than I had to do for my Bachelor’s. I think it’s worth it, though!”

Corin can be found socialising with her peers or getting study groups together; which she feels help her stay motivated. When she is not studying or in class, Corin volunteers her time at a small legal aid office in town, working alongside a lawyer and meeting with clients.

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