Indigenous Justice Opportunities

We regret to advise that due to the COVID-19 global pandemic social distancing requirements, the Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic | LAWS4313 / LAWS6313 and Legal Education for True Justice: Indigenous Perspectives and Deep Listening on Country | LAWS4307 / LAWS6307 are cancelled for the semester 2 2020 intake.

Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic @KCLS-ANU Hotdesk 2020


Legal Education for True Justice: Indigenous Perspectives and Deep Listening on Country 


Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Internship (KCLS-Kununurra or Broome) 

Now closed for 2020. All places have been allocated. Applications for 2021 will open mid year.

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The ANU College of Law provides many opportunities for students to engage with Indigenous communities and the law.

Kimberley Community Legal Service

The Kimberley Community Legal Service (KCLS) is an independent, not-for-profit legal service with offices in Kununurra and Broome. They provide free legal, financial counselling and tenancy services to financially disadvantaged people in the Kimberley.

A KCLS- ANU partnership was formed in 2017. Law students from the ANU College of Law began voluntarily staffing a Canberra-based hotdesk to assist KCLS lawyers. This became known as the KCLS-ANU Hotdesk.

In 2020, the partnership will expand to include the following opportunities for students to be involved in increasing positive justice impacts for and with the Aboriginal peoples of the Kimberley.

Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic (LAWS4313/LAWS6313)

A Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinical course will be introduced in Semester 1, 2020. This clinical course will provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Work as part of a student campaign team to support systemic advocacy projects led by the KCLS to achieve justice outcomes with and for Aboriginal peoples of the Kimberley.
  • Work at the KCLS-ANU Hotdesk for one day per week on systemic advocacy and paralegal support work. 
  • Attend a series of workshops on Aboriginal justice issues throughout the semester
  • Complete a series of assessments, including a short research project.

There will be 20 student places in first semester, 20 in second semester.

Clinical Dates

Session/Semester Dates
Semester 1, 2020 24 Feb – 29 May 2020
Semester 2, 2020 27 July – 30 Oct 2020

Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Internship  - KCLS, Kununurra or Broome (LAWS4230/LAWS6230)

Kimberley-based Internships give students an opportunity to work as a full time paralegal for the KCLS in Broome or Kununurra. The minimum internship involves 30 working days (6 weeks). Applications will not be accepted for a period less than 20 working days (4 weeks). Experience as a paralegal in the Kimberley will provide a foundation for students to complete an in-depth research paper on a topic of importance to the KCLS.  Travelling to the Kimberley - Potential Costs

Tina and Tano Salpietro Award

Each year the ANU College of Law may offer an award known as the Tina and Tano Salpietro Award. The award provides financial assistance to enable a student to complete a legal internship in the Kimberley region in Western Australia, as part of the Kimberley Community Legal Services (KCLS)−ANU partnership. For more information please go to Tina and Tano Salpietro Award.

Internship Dates for KCLS Kununurra/Broome 

Session/Semester Dates
Summer Session 2020 – Group 1 11 Nov – 20 Dec 2020
Summer Session 2020 – Group 2 13 Jan – 21 Feb 2020
Semester 1, 2020 24 Feb – 8 June 2020
Winter Session 2020 01 June – 24 July 2020
Semester 2, 2020 22 July – 9 Nov 2020
Summer Session 2021 – Group 1 16 Nov – 22 Dec 2020
Summer Session 2021 – Group 2 Jan/Feb 2021

Application round

The main application round for 2020 will open in mid-year 2020. Specific application dates will be posted in the box at the top of the page.

Legal Education for True Justice: Indigenous Perspectives and Deep Listening on Country (LAWS4307/LAWS6307)

This on-country intensive course, delivered through a collaboration between the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) and the ANU College of Law, aims to equip students with knowledge to critically assess law’s history, characteristics and impacts from the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Central to the course is the examination of the adequacy of the current state of Australian legal education, legal practice, law and justice in relation to First Nations peoples, with a view to possibilities for reform.

This course involves an on-country experience in Alice Springs and Uluru during the Semester 2 mid-semester break. 


Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Volunteer Co-ordinators and Paralegal Shift Leaders

The KCLS-ANU partnership began as a Law Reform and Social Justice volunteer opportunity for students. Student volunteer paralegals have been central to the success of the partnership. This centrality continues. Volunteer opportunities are available for those who have completed the Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic and wish to take on a coordinator or shift leader role to support students working on the Hotdesk. 

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