Refugee Law

Performing sovereignty and the refugee body

This doctoral thesis examines how contemporary sovereignty works in Australia in the field of refugee law. I claim that in Australia, authorities decide how a refugee should be treated through legal performance. We see decisions being made outside the normal legal processes in a processing centre or security organisation determining the legal status of a refugee, the excision of Australian territory and the delimitation of Australia’s territorial border.

Julian Burnside - Refugees: What can be done?

There are currently 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Most of them are internally displaced: there are about 25 million refugees on the move, looking for a safe place to live. About 37,000 people each day are forced to flee their home due to persecution and conflict. In this climate, a durable solution is urgently required.

ANU Law professor and students put theory into practice for citizenship appeal


Kelly's research focuses on human rights law, transitional justice, North Korea, and refugee law. Kelly is developing a victim-focused transitional justice design for future Korea to deal with victims of human rights violations in North Korea.

The explosive President: Donald Trump’s migration policy and its impact on international law and non-discrimination principles

Recent executive orders issues by President Donald Trump have shocked many and created an unprecedented travel crisis. Many have spoken against the President criticising the travel ban as discriminatory and unjustified. In response to the order Judge James Robart granted a temporary restraining order with nationwide effect suspending the ban. The events are likely to culminate in the US Supreme Court.

ANU Senior Lecturer and Former Senator to research refugee status determination in the UK

Australia further undermines regional refugee solutions

Global protection challenges and the New York declaration

This year, the UN General Assembly adopted the New York Declaration – the first of its kind in 65 years – which affirms the core principles of refugee protection and sets the stage for sharing responsibilities for protection more equitably and widely from the outset of refugee situations.


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