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ANU-Harvard workshop supported by Strategic Research Partnership Grant

ANU Law professors co-edit book analysing Law of the Sea from new horizons

Australia’s National Security Laws: 2018 in Review

2018 was a significant year for the development of Australia’s national security laws. The Commonwealth Parliament made changes to significant areas of the laws, including updating espionage offences, establishing the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme and changing how intelligence services and the police can lawfully access telecommunications data.  

2018 was also notable for the developments in the process by which these changes were made and for the handing down of reviews by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.  

Engaging armed non-State actors across the Indo-Pacific Region on humanitarian norms: Geneva Call’s approach and experience

Throughout recent decades, warfare has evolved to feature greater involvement of armed non-State actors (ANSAs). Today, the majority of armed conflicts around the world are marked by the participation of at least one ANSA. By increasing humanitarian engagement with ANSAs, Geneva Call believes the international community will ultimately improve the protection of conflict-affected populations and can be effective in enhancing respect for humanitarian norms.

North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Program

The presentation will review North Korea’s non-ballistic missiles and rockets, examine its ballistic missile program in detail, look at the six “nuclear tests”, consider post-Summit prospects for “denuclearization”, and assess the North Korean ballistic missile threat over the next five years.

CMSL Director in Chile to build ties


Kishwar's research interests are the role of judiciary in the democratic process in Pakistan during Military and Civil Governments 1999-2013.

Senate report on Defence Bill heavily cites ANU submission

ANU Law wins major grant for global research partnership


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