Constitutional Law

All the world’s a stage for Hannah Dawson, 2019 University Medallist

Professor Susan H Williams wins 2019 Zines Prize for essay on constitutional law in Myanmar

From Ursula Hall to Johannesburg, ANU Law scholar pursues passion for law on global stage

Constitutionalising the party

Political parties have featured in constitutional practice and theory largely in the context of party bans by militant democracies. In this paper, I will argue that democratic constitutions should seek to achieve two design objectives in relation to political parties:

  1. Separating the state and the ruling party (the separation principle); and

  2. Discouraging parties from becoming factions (the anti-faction principle).

ANU Law professor and students put theory into practice for citizenship appeal

Loving the law, oral advocacy, and studying the ANU Juris Doctor

What a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia and a Judge’s associate do in a typical week

Have you ever wondered what a typical week’s work looks like for a Justice of the Federal Court of Australia? How do Judges prepare for court sittings, and what happens in chambers? What does an Associate do, and what skills are required to perform the role?

Judicial method and what Judges do

This seminar is part of the ANU College of Law Visiting Judicial Fellow Program. The Program is designed to develop a greater understanding of the role and function of judges, by allowing Judges to share their knowledge and experience with the broader ANU Law community. Justice Alan Robertson is one of two Visiting Judicial Fellows in 2019.


A Visiting Fellow at the ANU College of Law, Steven Mulroy is a Full Professor of Law at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, the University of Memphis, where he teaches Constitutional Law, Election Law, Federal Discrimination, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Criminal Procedure. He is a former federal prosecutor and attorney for the Civil Rights Division, US Department of Justice in Washington, DC, where he litigated voting rights, housing discrimination, and fair lending cases throughout the US.


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