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Monetary law: Private, constitutional and international law

Dr Bateman will be investigating the role of legislation in establishing the legal architectures which frame which monetary transactions and the way that legislation allocates constitutional authority over money between different organs of state. Of particular importance is the growth of legislation governing the nature of currency, the limits on currency issues and the capacity to regulate private financial market credit creation.

Outside my comfort zone: How administrative law taught me to embrace opportunities

ANU professor publishes ninth edition of 'pioneering' book on statutory interpretation

Robo-debt offers lessons for closing AI gaps in public administration

How does the Federal Court deal with findings of fact on Judicial Review of Administrative Action?

This paper begins by looking at the state of federal administrative law in Australia just before the time the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth) was enacted and how it was then considered that courts dealt with findings of fact on judicial review.  After next considering the Court’s administrative law jurisdiction in its early years, the paper then contrasts the state of the law of federal judicial review of findings of fact in the 1970s with the state of the law 40 years later. The landscape has changed.

Loving the law, oral advocacy, and studying the ANU Juris Doctor

What a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia and a Judge’s associate do in a typical week

Have you ever wondered what a typical week’s work looks like for a Justice of the Federal Court of Australia? How do Judges prepare for court sittings, and what happens in chambers? What does an Associate do, and what skills are required to perform the role?

Judicial method and what Judges do

This seminar is part of the ANU College of Law Visiting Judicial Fellow Program. The Program is designed to develop a greater understanding of the role and function of judges, by allowing Judges to share their knowledge and experience with the broader ANU Law community. Justice Alan Robertson is one of two Visiting Judicial Fellows in 2019.


Naveed is an author of numerous articles published in law journals of national and international repute. His specialty is in the subjects of Comparative Constitutional Law, International Economic Law, Cyber Laws.


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