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Wattle site archiving (2015 and some 2016 sites)


Dear Law Community,

The next round of Wattle archiving is due to take place from Wednesday onwards. All courses in the categories:
Winter, Spring and Semester 2, 2015; and
Summer, Autumn and Semester 1, 2016 will be archived at this time.

The process will be as follows:

  • On 2/8/2017 all courses in these categories will be hidden. They will be no longer accessible to lecturers, students or administrators (students should no longer be able to see these courses anyway);
  • A backup of each course will be created, including all student data e.g. forum posts, assignments, grades etc;
  • Two copies of this archive will be held at the ANU;
  • These archives will be carefully verified to ensure courses can be successfully restored; and
  • The original sites will then be deleted

We are also looking at sites outside these categories (eg Community sites) but shall be contacting you individually about these.
If there are any Community sites that you no longer use, please let us know and we shall have them archived.

Happy Monday!

Marina Lobastov, Deputy Manager, CEIST.

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