Introduction to cyber-strategy: Frontiers and empires in cyberspace

Date & time

1–2pm Thursday 5 October 2017


Phillipa Weeks Staff Library

ANU College of Law, 5 Fellows Road, The Australian National University


Professor Kavé Salamatian, University of Savoie


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Nicole Harman

Presented by the Centre for International & Public Law

CIPL Seminar
Cyber technology

We all have an intuitive feeling about ‘cyberspace’, but is it a new space or just an extension of the spaces that have been studied for a long time by geographers? Do humans have the same appropriation relationship with cyberspace as we observe in classical geography? If yes, can we talk about cyber-territories and therefore discuss the power struggle to control them?

Projecting any power needs information to decide its usage and to control its action. By shaping the way information is exchanged and flows in cyberspace, the Internet changes the distribution of power. During the past two decades, new actors have emerged that build their ‘cyber-power’, ie, their ability to impact both the real world and the cyberspace, and to dispute amongst themselves ‘cyber-territories’. This competition has not remained in the cyber-dimension and is concretely changing the contemporary world. In a nutshell, real world power shapes the Internet and in return the Internet changes the very basic nature of power. Understanding how this evolving interaction or loop acts and shapes contemporary world economics, politics and geography is of paramount importance.

This talk will discuss these issues both from technical (computer science) view points, and from strategic and geopolitics vantage. It will use concrete cases coming from current cyber-security issues to studies to illustrate the discussion.


  • Kavé Salamatian »

    Kavé Salamatian is Professor of computer science at University of Savoie. His main areas of research are Internet measurement and modelling, and networking information theory. He was previously Reader at Lancaster University, UK and Associate Professor at University Pierre et Marie Curie.



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