Manual on International law applicable to military uses of outer space (MILAMOS) project

Date & time
11am–12pm Wednesday 19 October 2016

Dialogue Meeting Rooms

4 National Circuit, Barton

Professor Steven Freeland (Western Sydney University)
WCDR Duncan Blake (Royal Australian Air Force)
Michael Johnson (Attorney-General’s Department)


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Nicole Harman

Presented by The Centre for International & Public Law, the Centre for Military & Security Law, the Attorney-General's Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

CIPL Monthly Seminar

The Centre for International and Public Law – in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Attorney-General’s Department – present a panel discussion on the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS) Project.

Launched in May 2016, the Project aims to develop a widely-accepted manual clarifying the international law rules applicable to the military use of outer space. The vision of the project is to ‘contribute to a future where all space activities are conducted in accordance with the international rules-based global order, without disrupting, and preferably contributing to, the sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of present and future generations of all humanity.’ The Project brings together a diverse range of international experts, acting in their independent capacities, to develop a set of rules bringing together the fields of international space law, law on the use of force and international humanitarian law.


  • Professor Steven Freeland »

    Steven Freeland is Professor of International Law at Western Sydney University, where he teaches both postgraduate and undergraduate students, and supervises PhD students, in the fields of International Criminal Law, Commercial Aspects of Space Law, Public International Law and Human Rights Law. Steven is a member of the Management Board of the MILAMOS Project and co-lead of the Project’s International Space Law Group.

  • WCDR Duncan Blake »

    Wing Commander Duncan Blake has been a Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force for the past 22 years working at the tactical, operational and strategic levels at home and on operational deployments overseas. He has contributed widely to legal aspects of military space policy and strategy within the Australian Department of Defence. Duncan’s thesis topic for his Master’s degree at McGill University was on the need for a ‘Manual of International Law Applicable to Military uses of Outer Space’. Duncan is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the MILAMOS Project as well as an observer on the Project’s Management Board.

  • Michael Johnson »

    Michael Johnson is a Principal Legal Officer in the Attorney-General’s Department. Michael attended the plenary meeting of the MILAMOS Project, held in Montréal at the start of October 2016, as an Observer on behalf of the Office of International Law/Australian Government.


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