Student Prizes and Awards

Student prizes and awards

Student Prizes

A wide range of student prizes are awarded each year by the ANU College of Law. The objectives of the prizes are to recognise students who have demonstrated a high level of academic excellence whilst studying law at the ANU.

A prize is an award given in recognition of outstanding performance, academic achievement or service. Most prizes are awarded for quantifiable achievement as set out in the relevant Conditions of Award, and provides students with a tangible way to demonstrate their dedication and application in studying law.


Further Information on Prize Eligibility and Selection Process



The award is available each year to an ANU student who:

  • is a domestic or international student.
  • enrolled in the relevant course or program during the calendar year relevant to the awarding of the prize.


Selection and Constraints

Selection is made on the basis of academic merit through the award of the highest mark in the course.

A student may not be eligible to be awarded the prize if:

  • the student is making a second or subsequent attempt at the course; or
  • the student has previously pursued a course of study in a course, (whether at the University or another tertiary education institution), the content of which, is in the opinion of the Dean of the ANU College of Law, substantially similar to the content of the course for which the prize is to be awarded.

The ANU College of Law reserves the right to make no award if it considers there is no applicant of sufficient merit. The ANU College of Law may also vary the number of prizes if multiple winners are identified by splitting the prize.

If a course ceases to be offered or is not offered in that year, it is at the discretion of the Dean of the ANU College of Law to nominate a prize recipient who was enrolled in a course which has similar content.

Where required, the University Medal Committee will be available for qualitative or subjective assessment determinants if a decision is not reached within the College to determine prize winners.


Recipient Obligations

The awarding of a prize is based on the information provided to the University. A prize may be declined by the recipient once they have been notified as the prize winner. This must be provided in writing to the ANU College of Law no later than two weeks from notification.

If the prize is accepted by the recipient, they agree to the publication of their name.

In some instances the recipient may be asked to:

  1. write a letter of thanks to the donor;
  2. participate in marketing activities and/or asked to provide a reflective statement.

The recipient of this award is subject to The Australian National University Act 1991 as amended, and to the Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Resolutions of the University.

These conditions of award should be read in conjunction with the University’s Coursework Scholarships Policy and Procedures listed below.


Related Policies, Procedures and Rules



Annual Prize ceremony

The ANU College of Law hosts an annual prize ceremony in March to recognise excellence in student performance, academic achievement and service. The prize ceremony provides a valuable opportunity to highlight our students considerable efforts and achievements. The College is fortunate to offer over 60 prizes to students which are generously supported by national and local law firms, Australian Government agencies, staff members and College donors.


Dean's Certificate

The ANU College of Law Dean's Certificate are awarded to exceptional students to recognise their achievements. The recipients' name of Dean’s Certificate from each year are listed in the prize ceremony booklets.


University Medal

The University Medal recognises students who have obtained First Class Honours and demonstrated exceptional academic excellence across their studies. We are proud of the following ANU Law students who have received a University Medal.

Year Medal recipient
2021 Daniel Schmoll

Gracie Beck
Emma Roff
Brandon Smith


Hannah Dawson
Maaike York
Christopher Skoglund
Emma Jagot
Kate Victoria Wright


Marcus Dahl
Ross Mackey
David Cribb
Chenyang (Ben) Ye


Odette Shenfield
Sonja Halbich
James Barrett


Naomi Wootton
Adrienne Elmitt


Ruby Howard-Hill
Brooke Greenwood


Fan Xing Samuel Chan
Jasmine Still
David Rowe


Frances Leitch
Radhika Chaudhry
Kyle Hallett


Pauline Bomball (nee Thai)
Joshua Neoh


Peter Krizmanits
Catherine Hayes
Celia Winnett


Jennifer Bowles
Kim Pham
Scott Stephenson
Gareth Jamieson
Jesse Kennedy


Aparna Rao
Elizabeth Southwood
John Altin
David Wollias
Owen Cordes-Holland


Jennifer Robinson
Laura Hilly


Patrick Delaney
Joanna Virtue
Intan Eow
James Hutton


John King
Angeline Lewis (nee Baker)


David Quinn
Jacqueline Wootton
Zoe Guest
Alexander Phipps


Derek James Brotherson
Rickman Lilienthal
Jodi Ann Gray


Robyn Jennifer Briese
Prue Margaret Bindon
Belinda Anne Hollway


Anthea Elizabeth Roberts
Geraldine Helen Chin
Gregor Scott Jackson


Michael Joseph O’Meara
James Kakare Morauta


Marianne Angela Bowd
Stephen John Free
Michael John Vallis Mathieson


Matthew John Darke
Andrew Charles Dawson


Katrine Anne Bewley
Helen Ruth Roberts
Thomas Garry Bartos
Amelia Mary Simpson


Wayne John Leach


Andrew Alan Dempster
James Stephen Stellios


Georgina Adams
Jennifer Elizabeth Anderson
Jeremy Kevin Kirk


Graeme Hill
Timothy Charles Oldham


Annemarie Devereux


Joshua Getzler
Kathryn Jane Smith


Philip Mark Griffin


Susan Marlene Davies
Pauline Ann Ridge


Quentin Digby
Philip Thomas Taylor


Graeme Edward James Johnson


Barbara Jane Stapleton


Ian Edward Davidson
Peter Michael Wood


Peter John Parsons


John Edward Griffiths


Adrienne Suzanne Merritt


Kevin Michael Crotty


James William Constance


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