Janice See

Janice See
Janice See

What did you study at ANU?
Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
When did you graduate?
Why did you choose to study law at ANU?
My motivation to study law stemmed from an interest in understanding the interactions between society, justice, and my position as a global citizen. I was therefore particularly drawn to ANU's proximity to national institutions and the opportunites arising from it. It also helped that ANU offers a robust degree in International Relations which I was keen to undertake alongside my law studies. 
What were the highlights of your ANU Law student experience?
My undergraduate experience at ANU was one which I look back fondly on and a number of memorable highlights easily come to mind. In particular, activities outside the classroom such as the International Organisations course conducted in Geneva, participating in interstate mooting competitions, and undertaking a clinical program at the Youth Law Centre have allowed me to experience and appreciate the more tangible aspects of what one can do with legal training. It was also through them where I discovered areas of legal practice which I was passionate about or gave me greater perspective on certain issues. 
More importantly, I have had the privilege of meeting friends and lecturers who were sources of inspiration and support, each of whom in no small part positively enhanced my ANU student experience. 
What are you doing now?
I am working on my admission to the Singapore Bar and am currently undertaking legal training at a local firm specialising in commercial disputes and insolvency. I am also presently enrolled in the ANU's Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice with a view of completion in 2020. 
How has what you learnt at ANU helped you in your current role/career?
What I have really come to appreciate is that my ANU education had not only well prepared me for practice, but that it sought to provide students with an understanding of the nature of justice and encouraged us to actively make inquiries into policy and how it can be improved. Such skills can provide much-needed nuance in understanding problems and offering solutions at both a societal and individual level, and are applicable even beyond a legal context.

What advice would you give to an international student who is considering studying in Canberra?
Any move outside your comfort zone requires a degree of bravery so kudos for taking the step to study overseas! While it may seem intimidating or even challenging at first, allow yourself to be immersed in the campus / city culture and you'll find the experience incredibly rewarding. Canberra's layout and location makes it an extremely conducive city for both studying and exploring Canberra and the surrounding cities. As the capital city, Canberra also plays host to a number of festivals and events which cater to a diverse range of interests. I'm excited for you!

Janice See

Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

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