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The Australian National University

Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice

The lecturers/tutors are very dedicated and it's great to have industry professionals teaching a course

Online teaching

Australia's largest Migration law Program

The ANU College of Law Legal Workshop is Australia's largest provider of the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice.

Every registered migration agent must hold this qualification.

If you want to practice as registered agent or if you want to be up to date with migration law & practice, you'll find this a stimulating and rewarding program.

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Online learning

Migration law's largest online teaching team

Migration law and policy is complex and multifaceted and engenders much debate in the community.

We've assembled a team of some of Australia’s most highly qualified migration agents and migration law specialists to deliver this rigorous Program.

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Choose to begin online study in February, May or September each year.

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Online experts

Australia's largest online Migration law provider

Since 2006, we've taught thousands of online students around Australia and overseas.

We offer a rich and varied online learning experience, using live conferencing, quizzes, discussion forums and simulated client files to prepare students for future practice.

Our online study mode offers the ultimate flexibility for busy postgraduates in the modern world.

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