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Be part of something bigger!

In 2015, we’re proud to introduce the Master of Legal Practice (MLP) featuring the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP).

Bringing a new level of choice to professional legal training, the MLP gives you the option after completing the Admission to Practice courses (GDLP component) to be admitted to practice and exit with a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice after a minimum of six months or continue with your study after admission and graduate with a Master of Legal Practice – you have two years to make this decision.

Whatever choice you make, you’ll get the benefits of flexible online study, allowing you to balance study with work or personal commitments, and a qualification from one of Australia’s highest ranked universities and home to one of the world’s top 15 law schools.

Careers fairs and expos

MELBOURNE - 1 July - Law Institute of Victoria Careers Fair, 5-8pm, Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre.

For more dates see Law careers expos and presentations.

Welcome to students attending Becoming a Practitioner Courses in 2015.

The ANU Legal Workshop extends a warm welcome to all students attending the BAP courses in 2015.

Adelaide - 25th to the 29th of May. The course will be held at Cliftons Level 1/80 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000

                   Your convener will be Elizabeth Lee.

Darwin - 15th to the 19th June. The course will be held at Charles Darwin University, School of Law Darwin Campus, N.T

                    Your convener will be Judy Harrison

Sydney - 15th to the 19th June. the course will be held at Cliftons level 13/60 Margaret Street, Sydney N.S.W 2000

                     Your convener will be Ben Battcock

Melbourne - 22nd to the 26 th of June. The course will be held at Cliftons level 1/440 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria.

                     Your convener will be Ben Battcock.

Your BAP course will run from 9am-5pm each day. We look forward to meeting you in 2015.

Map of Australia

Admission to practice

To practise law in Australia, you must complete professional legal training (PLT). 

Designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need as a lawyer, professional legal training builds on your undergraduate law degree or Juris Doctor, and enables you to be admitted as a lawyer across Australia.

After becoming eligible for admission, whether you choose to exit with the GDLP  – or continue and graduate with the MLP – you’ll be part of ANU, one of Australia’s highest ranked universities.

Student testimonial

"I cannot speak highly enough of the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and despite thinking at the outset that, as a mature worker, I would gain little from it, I have learned an enormous amount over the last week. It was, frankly, an outstanding course."

Robert, Canberra

MLP diagram

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